Memory Tests

In our Fall 2003 Newsletter, Access, we posed the question... Can you place this photo?

The clock is still on campus but not functioning for what seems to be a legitimate reason. And no, it's not the one on Hinds Hall.

Here's the photo as it appeared in the newsletter.

Memory Test

The Answer!!
It's the clock on the west side of the 1950s addition to Archbold Gymnasium! Here's what it looked like when you could actually see it from Archbold Stadium.

Memory Test

But now the clock is obsured by the east side of the Carrier Dome. There's no reason to make sure that it keeps the correct time if no one can see it.

Memory Test Memory Test

So take a walk down the driveway between the Dome and Archibold Gymnasium some day and look up - you'll see it forever at 6:30!

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