Awards and Honors:

Recipient of Honorary Degrees


Julian Bond (Doctor of Laws)
Alfred Buckley (Doctor of Laws)
Milton Ridvas Konvitz (Doctor of Laws)
William Bennett Kouwenhoven (Doctor of Science)
Louis J. Lefkowitz (Doctor of Laws)
Frank Peter Piskor (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Howard T. Saperston (Doctor of Letters)
U. Thant (Doctor of Laws)
Dwight W. Winkelman (Doctor of Business Administration)

Clark David Ahlberg (Doctor of Laws)
Earl William Brydges (Doctor of Laws)
William Frank Buckley Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Doris Caesar (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Lee Alvin Du Bridge (Doctor of Science)
Richard Vernon Moore (Doctor of Laws)
Edmund Sixtus Muskie (Doctor of Laws)
William Pearson Tolley (Doctor of Laws)
Anthony John Travia (Doctor of Laws)
Ralph Winfred Tyler (Doctor of Laws)

George Wells Beadle (Doctor of Science)
Walter Cronkite (Doctor of Laws)
Eric Henry Faigle (Doctor of Laws)
Leland Boyd Henry (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
M. Eunice Hilton (Freeland Doctor of Laws)
Donald Frederick Hornig (Doctor of Science)

Thomas Campbell Clark (Doctor of Laws)
John McCallister Crawford Jr. (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Frank DelVecchio (Doctor of Laws)
Theodosius Dobzhansky (Doctor of Science)
Abe Fortas (Doctor of Laws)
Stanley Howells Fuld (Doctor of Laws)
Gordon Douglass Hoople (Doctor of Laws)
Orison Swett Marden (Doctor of Laws)
Edward Joseph Mortola (Doctor of Laws)
Charles Casper Noble (Doctor of Laws)
Arthur William Poister (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Lyle Manly Spencer (Doctor of Laws)
James Tobin (Doctor of Laws)
Barbara Ward, Lady Jackson (Doctor of Laws)
William Willard Wirtz (Doctor of Laws)

William Bynum (Doctor of Laws)
Robert E. Dineen (Doctor of Laws)
Jacob Koppel Javits (Doctor of Laws)
Seymour Horace Knox (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Gustave Lehmann Levy (Doctor of Laws)
Edwin Albert Link (Doctor of Science)
Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (Doctor of Laws)
Hardy Lomax Shirley (Doctor of Science)
Halsey Stevens (Doctor of Letters)

John T. Connor (Doctor of Laws)
Welthy Honsinger Fisher (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Arthur Joseph Goldberg (Doctor of Laws)
Hubert H. Humphrey Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Harold Lawton Hutton (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
John Willard Milnor (Doctor of Science)
Rosemary Park (Doctor of Letters)
Julius Speer (Doctor of Laws)
Ralph Thomas Walker (Doctor of Letters)

Dr. Terence Edward Cawthorne (Doctor of Laws)
Camilo J. Cela (Doctor of Letters)
Aaron Copland (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Marvin Rood Dye (Doctor of Laws)
John Owen Gross (Doctor of Laws)
Walter Maydole Higley (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
President Lyndon Baines Johnson (Doctor of Laws)
George Henry Lesch (Doctor of Laws)
Earle John Machold (Doctor of Laws)
James Alfred Perkins (Doctor of Laws)

Vincent M. Barnett Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
James Franklin Hyde (Doctor of Science)
Reginald Dickinson Manwell (Doctor of Science)
Drew Middleton (Doctor of Letters)
Frederic Nathaniel Schwartz (Doctor of Laws)
Sir Charles Percy Snow (Doctor of Letters)
Adlai Ewing Stevenson (Doctor of Laws)
Rosemond Tuve (Doctor of Humane Letters)
H. Hiram Weisberg (Doctor of Laws)

John Aloysius Coleman (Doctor of Laws)
Herbert Emmerich (Doctor of Laws)
Henry Jacob Friendly (Doctor of Laws)
George Louis Haller (Doctor of Laws)
Douglas Gilbert Haring (Doctor of Laws)
Lou Russell Maxon (Doctor of Laws)
Sir Edouard Morot (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Erwin Panofsky (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Don K. Price Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Clarence Eugene Ridley (Doctor of Laws)
Jehan Shan Saleh (Doctor of Laws)
Ralph Washington Sockman (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Howard C. Hirsch (Doctor of Laws)
Thomas Henry Carroll II (Doctor of Laws)
Richard Edwin McArdle (Doctor of Laws)
Laurance Spelman Rockefeller (Doctor of Laws)
Moses Gilbert Hubbard (Doctor of Laws)
Stewart Lee Udall (Doctor of Laws)
Thomas John Watson Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Gordon Norton Ray (Doctor of Letters)
William Ralph Ward Jr. (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Irving Widmer Baily (Doctor of Science)
Ellwood Scott Harrar (Doctor of Science)
Howard Waldron Morgan (Doctor of Science)
Eino Armas Saari (Doctor of Science)

Henry C. Alexander (Doctor of Laws)
Marian Anderson (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Gaston Berger (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Gilbert Highet (Doctor of Letters)
Cyril Orvin Houle (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Baumle Meyner (Doctor of Laws)
Earl Warren (Doctor of Laws)

Roger M. Blough (Doctor of Laws)
Rudolf K. Bultmann (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Finla Goff Crawford (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Lee Frost (Doctor of Letters)
Frederic Gershom Melcher (Doctor of Letters)
Philip Wilburn Souder (Doctor of Science)
David Barnard Steinman (Doctor of Engineering)
Frank M. Strong (Doctor of Science)

Milton Stover Eisenhower (Doctor of Laws)
William Bayard Heroy (Doctor of Science)
Josephine Holt Perfect Bay (Doctor of Laws)
J.W. Hughes (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Sir Leslie Munro (Doctor of Laws)
Carl Ortwin Sauer (Doctor of Laws)
Commander Sir Robert Gillman Allen Jackson (Doctor of Laws)

Paul Henson Appleby (Doctor of Laws)
Eugene Robert Black (Doctor of Laws)
Louis Brownlow (Doctor of Laws)
Bruce Catton (Doctor of Letters)
William Chapman Foster (Doctor of Laws)
Henry Crown (Doctor of Laws)
Alfred Maximilian Gruenther (Doctor of Laws)
John F. Kennedy (Doctor of Laws)
Frederick Karl Kilian (Doctor of Laws)
Willard Frank Libby (Doctor of Science)
Perry Miller (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Frederick Buckley Newell (Doctor of Laws)
Henry Merritt Wriston (Doctor of Laws)

George Angell (Doctor of Laws)
Carl L. Bausch (Doctor of Laws)
Walter Dewey Cocking (Doctor of Letters)
Norman Cousins (Doctor of Letters)
Frederick Hipp (Doctor of Laws)
Hamilton H. Kellogg (Doctor of Laws)
Helen P. Maney (Doctor of Laws)
Thurgood Marshall (Doctor of Laws)
Joseph William Martin Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Samuel T. Rayburn (Doctor of Laws)
Frances Abrahamson Singer (Doctor of Letters)
F. Gordon Smith (Doctor of Laws)
Thomas Vernor Smith (Doctor of Laws)
John Theobald (Doctor of Laws)

James E. Allen Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Willis Holyoake Booth (Doctor of Laws)
Asa Smith Bushnell (Doctor of Laws)
Pierre Donzelot (Doctor of Laws)
Roscoe Drummond (Doctor of Laws)
Malcolm Philip Ferguson (Doctor of Science)
Marion Bayard Folsom (Doctor of Laws)
William Averell Harriman (Doctor of Laws)
Keith Stratton McHugh (Doctor of Laws)
Albert Bacon Merrill (Doctor of Laws)
Samuel I. Newhouse (Doctor of Laws)
Edward John Noble (Doctor of Laws)
Irving S. Olds (Doctor of Laws)
Alfred Pritchard Sloan (Doctor of Laws)
Frederick Emmons Terman (Doctor of Science)

Philip Sidney Bernstein (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Charles Edward Clark (Doctor of Laws)
Charles S. Desmond (Doctor of Laws)
Stewart Freeman Hancock (Doctor of Laws)
David Dallas Jones (Doctor of Laws)
Grayson Louis Kirk (Doctor of Laws)
Mary Pillsbury Lord (Doctor of Laws)
Agnes Ernst Meyer (Mrs. Eugene Meyer) (Doctor of Laws)
R. Foster Piper (Doctor of Laws)
Adm. Hyman George Rickover (Doctor of Laws)
Harold Edward Stassen (Doctor of Laws)
Harrison Tweed (Doctor of Laws)
Arthur T. Vanderbilt (Doctor of Laws)
H. Douglass Van Dusen (Doctor of Laws)
Ernest I. White (Doctor of Laws)
H. Lee White (Doctor of Laws)

Paul Shipman Andrews (Doctor of Laws)
Caroline Werner Gannett (Doctor of Laws)
Frank Ernest Gannett (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Livingston Johnson (Doctor of Laws)
Frank C. Laubach (Doctor of Letters)
Charles H. Malik (Humane Letters)
Ruth Stafford Peale (Doctor of Laws)
Robert Ten Broeck Stevens (Doctor of Laws)
William White (Doctor of Laws)

Frederick M. Davenport (Doctor of Laws)
Lee E. Emerson (Doctor of Laws)
Lillian Moller Gilbreth (Doctor of Engineering)
Joseph S. Illick (Doctor of Laws)
Harry T. Levin (Doctor of Letters)
Joseph I. Lubin (Doctor of Laws)
Thomas Raymond McConnell (Humane Letters)
John T. McGovern (Doctor of Laws)
Harold R. Medina (Doctor of Laws)
Margaret Chase Smith (Doctor of Laws)
Charles Henry Tuttle (Doctor of Laws)

Warren Robinson Austin (Doctor of Laws)
Cornelis W. deKiewiet
Governor Hisato Iehimada (Law)
Sir Gladwyn Jebb (Law)
A. Blair Knapp (Doctor of Laws)
Trygve Halvdan Lie (Doctor of Laws)
Dimitri Mitropoulos (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Frank Pace Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
M. Lyle Spencer (Doctor of Letters)
Jeanette Kittredge Watson (Humane Letters)
Herman G. Weiskotten (Doctor of Science)

Frank Bryant (Doctor of Laws)
Thomas Knight Finletter (Doctor of Laws)
Sydney F. Foster (Doctor of Laws)
Benjamin Friedman (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Paul G. Hoffman (Doctor of Laws)
Albert C. Jacobs (Doctor of Laws)
Katharine Sibley (Doctor of Humane Letters)
James E. Webb (Doctor of Laws)

Elizabeth Nightingale Graham Arden (Doctor of Laws)
Ralph Johnson Bunche (Doctor of Laws)
Albert Conway (Doctor of Laws)
Nathaniel Lawrence Goldstein (Doctor of Laws)
Livingston W. Houston (Doctor of Laws)
Mark Arthur May (Doctor of Laws)
Lester Bowles Pearson (Doctor of Laws)
Virgil Thompson (Doctor of Fine Arts)

Albert Conway (Law)
Alexander II. Cowie (Doctor of Laws)
Juliana Force (Fine Arts)
James William Fulbright (Doctor of Laws)
Paul Hoy Helms (Doctor of Laws)
Frank Charles Moore (Doctor of Laws)
Lewis Ketchum Sillcox (Doctor of Laws)
Adrian Van Sinderen (Doctor of Humane Letters)

Wells Ira Bennett (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Howard S. Cullman (Doctor of Laws)
Frank D. Fackenthal (Doctor of Laws)
Ruth A. Haas (Doctor of Laws)
Norman J.O. Makin (Doctor of Laws)
John Jay McCloy (Doctor of Laws)
Dorothy Shaver (Doctor of Laws)
Harry A. Winne (Doctor of Science)

Frank W. Abrams (Doctor of Laws)
Joseph Hurst Ball (Doctor of Laws)
James Phinney Baxter (Doctor of Letters)
Sarah Blanding (Doctor of Laws)
Harold L. Butler (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Alex H. Cowie (Doctor of Laws)
Major-General P. Hawley (Law)
F. Cyril James (Doctor of Laws)
Mary E. Jenkins (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Charles Albert Kirk (Doctor of Laws)
John T. Loughran (Doctor of Laws)
Chester W. Nimitz (Laws)
Lucile Petry (Doctor of Laws)
William P. Tolley (Humane Letters)
Jacob Cloyd Tressler (Doctor of Pedagogy)
M. Lesley West (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Charles Edward Wilson (Doctor of Laws)

Wayman Adams (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Horace A. Eaton (Doctor of Letters)
William B. Hodge (Doctor of Laws)
Charles F. Kettering (Doctor of Science)
Henry R. Luce (Doctor of Letters)
Francis McCurn (Doctor of Laws)
Perley O. Place (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Howard J. White (Doctor of Laws)

Samuel P. Capen (Doctor of Laws)
Harley N. Crosby (Doctor of Laws)
Charles Lee Raper (Doctor of Laws)
Samuel Newton Spring (Doctor of Laws)
Deems Taylor (Doctor of Music)
Chen Wen-yuan (Doctor of Laws)

Guy W. Cox (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Helen Hayes (Mrs. Charles MacArthur) (Doctor of Letters)
Dr. Charles Hurd (Doctor of Science)
Justice Robert H. Jackson (Doctor of Laws)
Judge Irving Lehman (Doctor of Laws)
Admiral Ross T. McIntire (Doctor of Science)
Bishop Malcolm E. Peabody (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Dr. William M. Smallwood (Doctor of Science)
Kathryn H. Starbuck (Doctor of Laws)

Myron E. Adams (Doctor of Laws)
Lord Halifax
Elbert Henry Gary (Doctor of Laws)
Winifred J. Hughes (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Albert Kahn (Fine Arts)
Rev. Dr. Edgar A. Lowther (Divinity)
Alfred Noyes (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Wilbur Branbley Rayton (Doctor of Science)
Jacob Robert Rubin (Doctor of Laws)
Carl Sandburg (Doctor of Literature)
Philip Walburn Souder (Doctor of Laws)
Carlos Martino Pereirae Sousa (Doctor of Laws)
Lewis A. Wilson (Doctor of Laws)

Howard Edward Babcock (Doctor of Laws)
Leonard Walter Brockington (Doctor of Laws)
John Stewart Bryan (Doctor of Laws)
Elmer Grimshaw Butler (Doctor of Science)
Norman Bel Geddes (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Helen Rogers Reid (Mrs. Ogden) (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Alfred Dexter Simpson (Doctor of Pedagogy)
Samuel Geiss Trexler (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Algre Luman Ward (Doctor of Science)

George Young Benton (Doctor of Divinity)
Wilbur Henry Fleck (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Carl Alfred Kallgren (Doctor of Pedagogy)
Samuel Burman Long (Doctor of Divinity)
Jason John Nassau (Doctor of Science)
Lorimer Wilson Rich (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Charles Brown Sears (Doctor of Laws)
Thomas John Watson (Doctor of Laws)
Owen D. Young (Doctor of Laws)

Frank Lee Benns (Doctor of Letters)
Burton P. Fowler (Doctor of Pedagogy)
Frederic William Goudy (Doctor of Humane Letters)
George Thomas Hargitt (Doctor of Science)
Jonas Lie (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Christopher J. McCombe (Doctor of Divinity)
Ellsworth Charles Reamon (Doctor of Divinity)
Sen. Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg (Doctor of Laws)

James William Wilson (Doctor of Divinity)
Luther Wesley Smith (Doctor of Divinity)
Louis John Gill (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Harry James Carmen (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Mary Emma Jenkins
John Lord O'Brian (Doctor of Laws)
Herbert Henry Lehman (Doctor of Laws)
Frank Allen Patterson (Doctor of Letters)
Charles Packard (Doctor of Science)
Ferdinand Augustus Silcox (Law)

Richard Bonelli (Doctor of Music)
Alfred P. Coman (Doctor of Divinity)
Ezra Edmund Day (Doctor of Laws)
Judge Edmund H. Lewis (Doctor of Laws)
Lynn J.D. Radcliffe (Doctor of Divinity)
(Arthur) Fremont Rider (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Eugene R. Smith (Doctor of Pedagogy)
Dorothy Thompson Lewis (Doctor of Humane Letters)
George A. Wilson (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Dr. William L. Bray (Doctor of Science)
Hon. Frederick Howard Bryant (Doctor of Laws)
Rev. Edmund Bigelow Chaffee (Doctor of Divinity)
Rev. Norman Weaver Clemens (Doctor of Divinity)
Dr. Albert S. Hurst (Doctor of Pedagogy)
Dr. Merritte Weber Ireland (Doctor of Laws)
Dr. Harold Glenn Moulton (Doctor of Laws)
Commissioner Lithgow Osborne (Doctor of Laws)
Gen. John J. Pershing (Doctor of Laws)
Harry Lathrop Reed (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

William H. Alderson (Doctor of Divinity)
Alexander Clarence Flick (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Irving G. Hubbs (Doctor of Laws)
Albert G. Judd (Doctor of Divinity)
Henry Morganthau Sr. (Doctor of Laws)
Dave Hennen Morris (Doctor of Laws)
Walter Albert Patrick (Doctor of Science)
Sir Josiah Stamp (Doctor of Laws)
Alan Chester Valentine (Doctor of Laws)

Dwight James Baum (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Hon. Robert Woods Bliss (Doctor of Laws)
Dr. Richard Clarke Cabot (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Dr. Harvey Cushing (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. Joseph Bartlett Eastman (Doctor of Laws)
Dr. Dixon Ryan Fox (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Rev. Raymond Howard Huse (Doctor of Divinity)
George F. Johnson (Doctor of Business Administration)
Dr. Ludwig Kast (Doctor of Science)
Dean Edward Henry Kraus (Doctor of Laws)
Hon.Eugene Meyeer (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. Eugene Meyer (Doctor of Laws)
Hon. Cameron Morrison (Doctor of Laws)
Rev. Robert Park (Doctor of Divinity)
Dr. Thomas Parran Jr. (Doctor of Laws)
Dr. Florence Rena Sabin (Doctor of Science)

Ernest I. Barott (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Rev. Walter Russell Bowie (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Rev. Fred Pierce Corson (Doctor of Divinity)
Frederick Trubee Davison (Doctor of Laws)
Mark Graves (Doctor of Laws)
Walter Dougherty Hampden (Doctor of Letters)
Bishop Francis J. McConnell (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
Dr. Ismar John Peritz (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
David Moore Robinson (Doctor of Letters)
Charles S. Skilton (Doctor of Music)
William Hartman Woodin (Doctor of Music)

Richard Bedford Bennett (Doctor of Civil Laws)
Wallace E. Brown (Divinity)
Allan Knight Chalmers (Doctor of Divinity)
William D. Herridge (Doctor of Laws)
Anna Hyatt Huntington (Fine Arts)
Adna Wright Leonard (Divinity)
Maj. General Hanford MacNider (Doctor of Laws)
Cassius Miller (Doctor of Divinity)
James Harrison Olmstead (Doctor of Divinity)
John Russell Pope (Doctor of Fine Arts)
Frederick William Schlieder (Doctor of Music)
Robert Steward Spencer (Doctor of Divinity)
Chih Ping Wang (Doctor of Sacred Theology)

Judge Leonard Callender Crouch (Doctor of Laws)
Dr. William James Durant (Doctor of Humane Letters)
Rev. Lloyd Ellis Foster (Doctor of Divinity)
Charles Dana Gibson (Doctor of Fine Arts)
John Adams Kingsbury (Doctor of Laws)
Rev. Fred Eli Lott (Doctor of Divinity)
Dean William Henry Metzler (Doctor of Science)
Alice Vanderbilt S. Morris (Doctor of Letters)
Senator Dwight Whitney Morrow (Doctor of Civil Laws)
Rev. Norman Vincent Peale (Doctor of Divinity)
Anne Virena Rice (Doctor of Sacred Theology)
George W. Wickersham (Doctor of Civil Laws)