Syracuse University Buildings:

One of the most popular questions posed to the Syracuse University Archives involves University buildings and architecture. In response we are pleased to provide information on the University's architectural heritage dating back to our first rented classroom space in 1871.

We have endeavored to include all current SU buildings, but are still researching a large number of what we refer to as "lost buildings" - those that have been sold, demolished, or are no longer in use by the University. If you need information on a building that is not included on this website, please contact us.

The Archives has also incorporated QR codes into a decal placed on the entrances to most academic and administrative buildings on SU's Main Campus as well as our properties in New York City, Washington D.C., and our conference center in the Adirondacks. This allows prospective and current students, their families, alumni, and those interested in University history to learn more about the origin of each building as they tour campus.

All you need is a QR code reader app on your smartphone or tablet. Use your phone's camera to "snap" the code and follow the app's instructions to view that buildings webpage or bookmark it for later reading!

Please feel free to use this information. However, we do ask that you credit the Syracuse University Archives when appropriate.