Syracuse University Buildings:

Archbold Stadium

Archbold Stadium
Archbold Stadium, ARM 11-0124

Plans Announced: March 7, 1905
Groundbreaking: May 1, 1905
Construction Began: August 12, 1905
Construction Completed: 1908
Building Occupied: September 25, 1907
Demolished: December 1978 to March 1979
Named for: John D. Archbold
Cost: Over $400,000
Funding: John D. Archbold
Architects: Professors Frederick W. Revels and Earl Hallenbeck
Contractor: Consolidated Engineering and Construction Company, New
Materials: Steel and concrete
Location: Behind Steele Hall
Space: 6 ½ acres, 870' x 475'
Seating Capacity: 20,000 to 40,000 with 3,000 grandstand seats


The stadium was located in a natural hollow at the southwestern corner of campus. Much of the 200,000 cubic yards of earth excavated was used as fill for constructing Carnegie Library. A modern adaptation of the Roman Coliseum, the first football game played in the stadium took place on September 25, 1907 between Hobart and SU. At the time, the exterior of the stadium had not been completed. The final game played in Archbold was on November 11, 1978; SU beat Navy 20-17. The stadium was demolished to allow for construction of the Carrier Dome.