Syracuse University Buildings:

Chapel House / Community House

Chapel House / Community House
Chapel House / Community House, Image 07-0083

Constructed: 1929
Cost: $150,000
Materials: brick
Style: Tudor
Location: 711 Comstock Avenue
Space: 3 stories
Purchased by SU: 1957
Opened for use: February 1, 1958
Sold by SU: July 1979; exchanged for property at 426 Ostrom Avenue plus $70,000


Originally built and owned by Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, the house was acquired by SU from then-owners Beta Theta Pi when the fraternity lost its charter due to financial difficulties. Office space was created for University chaplains, counselors and student leaders and the house became an extension of Hendricks Chapel. Until 1969, the space was also shared with the Faculty Club. A chapel, original to the building, was used for worship services, movies, dances and public forums. In 1971 the name was changed to Community House.