Syracuse University Buildings:

Colonial Building
Triple Cities College

Colonial Building
Colonial Building, Image 12-1065

College inaugurated: June 7, 1946
Named for: Cities of Binghamton, Endicott and Johnson City where SU had held extension classes since 1932
Original Building: Bowes mansion donated January 1946 by Thomas Watson, founder of IBM
Location: 300 Lincoln Avenue, Endicott, NY
Sold in 1950: State University of New York purchased college in August 1950 for $215,000 creating Harpur College, now SUNY Binghamton


Renamed the Colonial Building, the Bowes mansion became the college's administration building. The 3-story, 16-room mansion was built ca. 1900 by Alphonsus and Julia Bowes and purchased in 1943 by Thomas Watson. SU acquired adjacent land from New York State Electric and Gas Co. and by early spring in 1951, 18 prefab buildings had been added. The campus then consisted of classrooms, lecture rooms, labs, a cafeteria, a library, faculty offices, a bookstore and student lounges.