Syracuse University Buildings:

Kimmel Hall

Kimmel Hall
Kimmel Hall

Occupied: September 15, 1962
Completed: October 1, 1962
Named For: Claude L. Kimmel, Class of 1905, SU trustee
Cost: $1,000,000
Funding: Financed through Housing and Home Finance Agency
Architects: Harry A. & F. Curtis King
Contractor: R. A. Culotti Company
Materials: brick
Location: 305 Waverly Avenue
Renovated: 1988
Renovation Cost: $1 million (includes renovations to Haven, Marion and Shaw)


Kimmel Hall's innovative features included automatic elevators, outlets for closed circuit television, and individual room telephone outlets. It was first SU residence hall to house freshman and upperclassmen on the same floor. In 1992 the dining hall adjacent to the building was renovated and became Kimmel Food Court.