Syracuse University Buildings:

Marion Hall

Marion Hall
Marion Hall

Construction Began: November 1952
Dedicated: November 14, 1954
Building Occupied: September 1954
Named for: Frank J. Marion, class of 1890, motion picture pioneer and University trustee
Cost: $2,893,000 (included construction of Watson Hall)
Funding: U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency loan
Renovated: 1988
Cost of Renovation: $1 million (including renovation of Shaw Hall)
Architects: Lorimer Rich and Associates; King and King
Contractors: Edmund J. Rappoli Company
Landscaping: Noredo Rotunno
Materials: Reinforced concrete with brick facing and limestone trim
Location: 305 Waverly Avenue
Space: L-shaped, three stories with space for 143 residents


In June 1952 Syracuse University signed a loan agreement with the U.S. Housing and Home Finance Agency to borrow $2.75 million for construction of a unit containing two dormitories. In the fall of 1996, Marion Hall was the last residence to lose its single-sex all-female status.