Syracuse University Buildings:

College of Medicine - 1937-1950

College of Medicine - 1889-1896
College of Medicine - 1896-1936

College of Medicine
College of Medicine - 1937-1950, Image 10-1765

Plans Drawn Up: 1926
Construction Began: May 1936
Ground Breaking Ceremony: June 2, 1936
Cornerstone Laid by President Franklin D. Roosevelt: September 29, 1936
Open House: November 21, 1937
Building Dedicated: November 22, 1937
Cost: $900,000
Funding: Public Works Administration loan
Architects: Dwight Baum and John Russell Pope
Style: Georgian
Location: 766 Irving Avenue
Space: 4 stories with laboratories, classrooms, lecture rooms, offices, an auditorium and a library
Building Transferred to New York State: June 1, 1950


A loan of $825,000 was given to SU for construction of a Basic Sciences building for the College of Medicine by the federal Public Works Administration (PWA). In 1949, Syracuse was selected by the State University Board of Trustees as the site for the new Upstate Medical Center. In June 1950 the state assumed the remaining $640,000 of the original construction loan. In exchange, SU donated the land, as well as Yates Castle and its property, to the State for creation of the Upstate Medical Center.