Syracuse University Buildings:

Parkview Hotel

Parkview Hotel
Parkview Hotel

Construction Began: 1926
Building Occupied: May 1, 1927
Style: Italian Renaissance
Architects: Wolfe Markham, Syracuse
Contractors: Dawson Brothers, Syracuse
Materials: light-colored brick and stone
Location: 713 East Genesee Street
Space: 90' x 105', six stories
Leased by SU: 2011


Originally built as the Medical Arts Building under the management of Louis Shopiro, the building contained 50 suites for doctors and dentists, two elevators - one of which was large enough to fit a stretcher - and was touted as "modern in every detail." In 1981, owner Norman Swanson renovated the building as the Executive Quarters with apartments in the top three floors and one wing rented exclusively to Syracuse Stage to house actors. In 2011, three floors of the Parkview Hotel became a housing option for SU students, with the Housing Office giving preference to drama and design students. Study lounge and fitness centers were also provided for the students.