Syracuse University Buildings:


Quonseteria, Image 07-0309

Constructed: 1946-1947
Named for: Coined by Andrew Cisternino of Syracuse (Class of 1948) who was awarded $10 prize
Building Occupied: March 1947
Cost: $138,000 for building and equipment
Materials: Corrugated steel
Location: Comstock Avenue near the corner of Colvin Street


After World War II, space on campus was at a premium and many temporary structures were used. Arguably the most prominent temporary structure was the Quonseteria, a dining hall located on Comstock Avenue in the Collendale area where Manley Field House now stands. The Quonseteria was capable of seating 1,000 at any one time and also held study and recreation space.

The building later became a Food Service bake shop and store room, the Microbiology and Biochemistry Center, and in its waning years was the home of the SU wrestling team. It was taken down in the 1980s.