Syracuse University Buildings:

Skytop Apartments

Skytop Apartments
Skytop Apartments

Construction Began: Phase I, May 1972; Phase II, April 1973
Occupied: Phase I, August 1972; Phase II, April 1974
Cost: $13 million for Skytop Project
Funding: State Dormitory Authority
Contractor: Pyramid Corporation
Materials: Precast concrete exteriors
Location: South Campus
Space: Phase I, 260 units; Phase II, 504 units
Solar Panels Installed: July 2013


Skytop Apartments were constructed by Pyramid Company under an agreement to lease the units to the University for 30 years. Known as the Skytop Project, construction included the Skytop Office Building and the new Slocum Heights Apartments. SU later purchased ownership of the complex from Pyramid through revenue bonds from the State Dormitory Authority.

Most of the existing postwar prefabricated living units were demolished to make way for construction. Phase I consisted of townhouses located west of Skytop Road. Phase II consisted of townhouses and garden-style apartments located east of Skytop Road. Completion of Phase II was delayed, forcing the University to house students in local hotels at a cost of $1 million. SU later successfully sued Pyramid to recover the money.

40 solar panels manufactured by Kingspan Solar were installed on 20 of the 3-bedroom apartments, providing solar thermal energy for hot water.