Syracuse University Buildings:

Esther Baker Steele Hall

Steele Hall
Steele Hall, SU Photo & Imaging RS 8513

Construction Started: April, 1898
Building Occupied: October 1, 1898
Builders: Dickinson and Van Wagner
Style: Modified Renaissance
Architect: Edwin H. Gaggin, Class of 1892, Syracuse University School of Architecture
Materials: Rock-faced Onondaga limestone
Space: 130' by 75'
Cost: Over $46,000
Funding: $5,000, Mrs. Esther Baker Steele, trustee; $28,000, John D. Archbold; various other donors


Steele Hall was designed to match the Holden Observatory in style. Originally, it housed the Physics Department, until then located in the Hall of Languages. Over the years it has been the home of many other departments, such as Biology, Architecture and Citizenship. In 1969, the Physics Building was completed and Steele became an administration building. Functional improvements have been made over the years.