Syracuse University Buildings:

SU Florence

Villa Rossa, The Villino, Dontella 21
Villa Rossa, The Villino, Dontella 21

Villa Rossa

Construction Completed: 1892
Designed by: Count Mario Gigliucci
Occupied by SU: 1959
Purchased by SU: 1963
Purchase Price: $168,444
Location: Piazza Savonarola 15, Florence, Italy
Space: 28 rooms on four levels, stucco exterior
Notes: Villa Rossa is the main building of the SU Florence campus. Built as a private residence, its style was eclectic for the time period it was constructed and included a roof-top garden looking out over the front of the house.

The Villino

Constructed: 1884 as private residence
Purchased by SU: 2006
Location: Via di Della Robbia 116

Dontella 21

Constructed: ca. 1900 as artists' studios
Location: Piazzale Donatello 21