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Boar's Head Dramatic Society of Syracuse University: Oneida Castle Players

The following description of the Oneida Castle Players was published in the playbill for three productions: The Late Christopher Bean, All My Sons, and Claudia in 1948.

"The Castle Players constitute a repertory company which is an integral unit in itself, functioning as part of the drama department of Syracuse University. The group was organized last spring [1948] by Sawyer Falk, head of the drama department, for the purpose of playing a season of summer stock at Oneida Castle, New York.

There the company earned recognition, playing to over a thousand people a week, with plays ranging from the tense drama of "Angel Street" to the riotous farce of "Room Service." They broke new ground also, with the premier production of "Week-End Company," by William F. Sheehan, who is technical director of the players.

Their director is Thomas H. Fitzsimmons who was left with the task of final organization when Mr. Falk was called to Great Britain to make a survey for the Rockefeller Foundation. And Mr. Fitzsimmons, starting with sixteen individuals who had never before worked as a group, molded them into an efficient, hardworking team, in which all the members had but one aim - the success of the group.

The next step for the Castle Players is to take plays "on the road" to various communities in Central New York, where they will perform in small theatres, school auditoriums, grange halls, or where ever they can set up their equipment. This, and the extremely low admission prices they have instituted, will bring the living theatre within reach of many who are now denied it. For the ultimate goal of the Castle Players is to bring the theatre back to the people."

1948 Productions

  • Claudia [no playbill available]
  • The Late Christopher Bean
  • All My Sons
  • Angel Street
  • Room Service [no playbill available]
  • Weekend Company
  • Blithe Spirit
  • The Little Foxes

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1949 Productions

The Archives is indebted to the following individuals who kindly donated playbills and photographs for these pages: Earl F. Simmons '49, Jona H. Clarke '46