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Boar's Head Dramatic Society of Syracuse University: New Playhouse

For four years beginning in 1961 Syracuse University was involved with a professional theatre company called the New Playhouse. The productions were held during the summer at the University Regent Theatre, 820 East Genesee St., Syracuse. The information below is taken from a 1964 pamphlet.

Syracuse University, recognizing the resurgence of theatrical activity across the country, sanctioned the establishment of the NEW PLAYHOUSE in the summer of 1961. Produced jointly by the Drama Department and the University Regent Theatre, the NEW PLAYHOUSE is a professional company of actors, directors, and designers who pay no allegiance to the usual "summer theatre" fare. Rather it performs plays of verbal beauty and imagination chosen by the patrons of the company from a select list of recognized classics. The NEW PLAYHOUSE becomes the first community-oriented professional theatre in Syracuse.

The NEW PLAYHOUSE desires to illustrate current forms and forces in theatre, to preserve dramatic heritage, to set standards of production and to nudge creaky traditions. It thus becomes the professional custodian of the community's drama. Within this framework of production, the NEW PLAYHOUSE creates added opportunities for theatre artists to practice their art; it gives additional service to the community by bringing the projection of experimental ideas under the care of professionals.

G.F. Reidenbaugh
Boar's Head - New Playhouse

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