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Subject Guides: 9/11 Subject Guide

On September 11, 2001 terrorists from the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda hijacked four US passenger jets, piloting two into the north and south towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City and one into the Pentagon. Passengers on the fourth aircraft attempted to retake control, but the plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, PA. Nearly 3,000 people died including 30 Syracuse University alumni.

At Syracuse University in the days following the attacks, members of the University community rallied in many ways including writing their thoughts, feelings and prayers on white bed sheets supplied by the Student Association. Those sheets, along with others created on the 1st and 10th anniversaries, have come to be known as the "Sheets of Expression." They are housed in the University Archives.

To commemorate this important moment in US and Syracuse University's history, the University Archives has created a subject guide to aid researchers interested in its archival materials that relate to the events of September 11th and subsequent anniversaries. This subject guide was prepared by Assistant Archivist Cara A. Howe, G'10.

Audiovisual Collection:

  • 9/11: One Year Later: An Interfaith Service of Hope and Remembrance - September 10, 2002, Audio cassette (F/V 4556)
  • 9/11: One Year Later by The Rev. Dr. Stuart Hoke of Trinity Wall Street Church - September 10, 2002, VHS (F/V 4553)
  • 9/11 Syracuse Remembers: Service of Remembrance and Hope (10th Anniversary)- September 11, 2011 Hendricks Chapel, DVD (F/V 6117)
  • Interfaith Service, Labyrinth and Sheets of Expression, Architecture Students - September 11, 2002, CD (F/V 4498)

Chancellors Papers

Chancellor Kenneth A. Shaw Papers, Office Files, September 11, 2001 (Box 46) RESTRICTED, requires permission to use
Comments received on KAS letter 2001
Emergency contacts 2001
Campus Safety 2001
Public Communications Committee Report 2001
DIPA 2001
IN / OUT Class Experiences 2001
Terrorism and Military Action Survey 2001
Logistics Committee 2001
Withdrawals / Leave / Call to Service Committee 2001
Information on Crisis 2001
FERPA Records Access 2001
Crisis Management Team / Initial Response 2001
<em>Syracuse University Magazine</em> issue 18, vol 4 Fall, 2001 cover Memorial Services / Other Events 2001
University Forums 2001
Financial Aid and other assistance 2001
Responses 2001
Responses re: safety issues 2001
Travel Policy 2001
Letters from non-SU Offices 2001
KAS Annual address and D.O. article 2001-2003
Events (2002) 2002

Clipping Files

Controversies and Problems - Terrorist Attacks, Sept. 11, 2001 (2 folders)

Dissertations and Masters Theses:

"We Cannot Remain Silent: Remembering 9/11 Through Vernacular Poetry" by Sandra E. Kellogg

News and Public Affairs

Syracuse University Magazine
Digital versions of past issues may be found on the SURFACE website

Pan Am 103 Collections

Francis J. Duggan Collection
  • Subject Files: 9/11 Terrorist Attacks 2001, 2004 (Box 8)

Syracuse University: Clippings Collection
  • From Lockerbie (12/21/1988) to New York (9/11/2001), 2002 (Box 2)
    ÛSeptember 11, 2001, 2002-2014 (Box 10)

Photo & Imaging

Student sign the Sheets of Expression in September, 2001
  • 44923 Terrorist Attack 9/11/01 on America Disk 1- Digital Shoot
  • 44935 Terrorist Attack 9/11/01 on America Disk 2-Digital Shoot
  • 44939 Terrorist Attack (9/22/01) -Digital Shoot
  • 44948 Panel Discussion Terrorism & the Media (9/22/01) -Digital Shoot
  • 44974 University Forum on Terrorism (10/4/01) -Digital Shoot
  • 44992 Terrorist Attack 9/11/01 SU Magazine Cover-Digital Shoot
  • 45039 Terrorist Attack 9/11/01 Sheets of Expression, out takes-Digital Shoot
  • 45346 The Soling Program 9/11 Memorial-Digital Shoot
  • 45348 9/11 Soft Sculpture Project, West Genesee Middle School-Digital Shoot
  • 45493 Painting September 11 Memorial CVPA Dean's Office-Digital Shoot
  • 45507 September 11 Art Work Memorial One Year Later-Digital Shoot
  • 45508 Jerome Witkin in Studio Working on 9/11 Art Work -Digital Shoot
  • 45543 9/11 Terrorist Attack One Year Later-Digital Shoot
  • 52046 9/11 Terrorist Attack SU Remembers 10th Anniversary-Digital Shoot
  • 52054 9/11 American Flags on College of Law Hill Irving Ave-Digital Shoot

Photograph Collection

Activities and Organizations - Student Association - 9/11 and Sheets of Expression

Student Activities Reference Collection

Students view the 2001 Sheets of Expression following the 10th Anniversary service in Hendricks Chapel The 9/11 Sheets of Expression (Boxes 13 and 14)
  • September 11, 2001 Sheets
    Sheet 1: 3 bed sheets, "Peace" and has a large American Flag that says "Home Sweet Home"; Approx. 24'x5'
    Sheet 2: 2 bed sheets, "Retribution" rocket; Approx. 13.5'x8.5'
    Sheet 3: longest linen roll, angel wings
    Sheet 4: skinny linen roll, American Flag star; Approx. 37'x3.5'
    Sheet 5: 2 bed sheets, "Unity"; Approx. 13.5'x8.5'
    Sheet 6: 1 bed sheet, "Know Jesus, Know Peace"; Approx. 8.5'x7.5'
    Sheet 7: 3 bed sheets, "FDNY" with Twin Towers on its' back; Approx. 24'x5'
  • First Year Anniversary, September 11, 2002 Sheets
    2 complete sheets, 1 Sheet with only 1 comment
  • Tenth Anniversary, September 11, 2011 Sheets
    2 complete sheets

ARM 11-0710 Cover of the Daily Orange for September 12, 2001

Student Publications

Daily Orange
  • Articles relating to 9/11 since 2002 may be found on the Daily Orange webite
  • Past issues through 2006 are available on microfilm in Bird Library,

Syracuse University Press/Books

  • #1684 Jamel, Amaney and Naber, Nadine, Race and Arab Americans before and after 9/11, from Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects (Soft Cover) (Box 69)
  • #1901 Vecsey, Christopher, Following 9/11: Religion Coverage in the New York Times (Box 78)