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Subject Guide: Disabilities Records

President George H. W. Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law on July 26, 1990. The ADA is the most comprehensive federal law to address discrimination against an estimated 50 million Americans.

Disability rights poster from the SU Archives Poster Collection To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the passage of this important legislation the Syracuse University Archives has created a subject guide to aid researchers interested in its archival materials related to disability, special education, and University implementation of ADA requirements.

This subject guide was developed by Ed Galvin, Meg Mason and Cara Howe.

Subject Guide for Materials in the Syracuse University Archives relating to disabilities and the ADA

Alumni Writings

  • Smith, Corinne and Lisa Strick. Learning Disabilities: A to Z - A Parent's Complete Guide to Learning Disabilities from Preschool to Adulthood. Box 6.

Clipping Files

  • Academics - Courses - Blatt Institute (Burton)
  • Academics - Education, School of - Special Education
  • Academics - Gebbie Clinic
  • Academics - Human Policy, Center on A race at the Special Olympics in Archbold Stadium, June 1974
  • Administration - Disability Services, Office of
  • Athletics - General - Special Olympics
  • Buildings and Grounds - Special Education Building (one wing was the Gebbie Clinic)
  • Conferences, Lectures, Seminars - Disabilities (lectures)
  • Students - Disabled

Collections & Papers

  • Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor Deborah A. Freund Papers. Disability Services, 1995-2001. Box 28. Restricted

  • Administration and Research Records. Clark D. Ahlberg, Vice President.

  • College of Arts and Sciences Office of the Dean Records. Boxes 42 and 130.

  • College of Arts and Sciences Records. Communication Sciences and Disorders - Gebbie Clinic. Box 131.

    Cover of Burton Blatt's well-known book, Christmas in Purgatory, 1965

  • Burton Blatt Papers. Special Education.

  • Buildings and Grounds Reference Collection. Gebbie Clinic. Box 14.

  • Center on Human Policy Records. Includes the Center on Human Policy, Law and Disability Studies.

  • Maxwell School Center for Policy Research Records.

  • Chancellor Papers, Melvin A. Eggers. Boxes 8, 140, and 147. Restricted

  • School of Education Records. Includes records of the Bureau of School Services, Special Education and General Files. Some materials may be Restricted

  • School of Education Office of the Dean Records. Restricted

  • Sol Gordon Papers. Writings on Sex and Human Behavior. Boxes 10, 13, and 14.

  • Human Services and Government Relations Records, Eleanor Ware, Senior Vice President Files. Task Force on Disability, 2007. Box 10. Restricted

    Disabled students with teacher, Special Education, March 1980

  • College of Law Records. Burton Blatt Institute. Christmas in Purgatory - A Photographic Essay on Mental Retardation, by Burton Blatt and Fred Kaplan. Box 45.

  • Maxwell School Office of the Dean Records. Health Studies Program. Box 4. Restricted

  • Maxwell School Office of the Dean Records. Metropolitan Studies Program. Box 4. Restricted

  • Student Activities Collection. Disability Advocacy Organization, 1968-1987. Box 3.

  • SURC/SURI Syracuse University Research Corporation/Institute Records, 1948-1960.

    A boy receiving a hearing test in the Gebbie Clinic

  • Undergraduate Studies Records. Robert Boney, Vice President. General Office Files and Office of Disability Services.

  • David D. Veatch Papers (President of the Syracuse University Organization for Disabled Students, 1984-1993).

  • Vice Chancellor Papers, Finla G. Crawford, 1943-1959. Special Education, February 1947-January 1959. Box 14.

  • Vice Chancellor Papers, Gershon Vincow. Restricted

Dissertations, Masters and Senior Theses

Please contact the Archives for a full list of dissertation and thesis titles.


Steven Schroeder testing barriers for those in wheelchairs, October 1977

  • Photograph Collection, Academics - Gebbie Clinic.

  • Photograph Collection, Academics - Education, School of - Special Education.

  • Photograph Collection, Special Events - Special Olympics.

  • Portrait File. Blatt, Burton.

  • Portrait File. Hoople, Gordon D.

  • Portrait File. Schroeder, Steven E.

The Archives also holds the Photo & Imaging Collection, which includes negatives of Burton Blatt; Burton Blatt Institute staff; Disability Mentoring Day; individuals speaking about disability; disability awards; Gordon Hoople; Special Education faculty, classes, labs, children's programs, and building; Special Olympics; Gebbie Clinic; Rehabilitation Center; and Autism Awareness Walk.

The Poster Collection contains relevant items, such as the "You Gave Us Your Dimes, Now We Want Our Rights" poster above, in the School of Education series.