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Subject Guide: 1970 Student Strike

On May 4, 1970 four Kent State students were killed and nine others wounded by Ohio National Guard troops during a protest against the American invasion of Cambodia. Those killings prompted a nation-wide protest by college students and shut down over 400 educational institutions. At Syracuse University students barricaded entrances to campus, broke windows, marched peacefully downtown, and staged a sit-in in the Tolley Administration Building.

To commemorate this important moment in Syracuse University's history the University Archives has established this web site for the 1970 Student Strike that provides researchers with a subject guide to its holdings including clippings, student publications, photographs, slides, papers of the Chancellor, schools and colleges and more.

Student strike graffiti on the Hall of Languages, 1970
Student strike graffiti on the Hall of Languages, 1970 [Image: 07-0205]

Subject Guide for Materials in the Syracuse University Archives on the 1970 Student Strike

Mass meeting of students on the SU Quad, 1970, Papers of Larry Elin [Image: 10-0249] Clipping Files

  • Special Events - Commencement (1970)
  • Activities and Organizations - Students for Democratic Society (SDS)
  • Controversies and Problems - International Issues, Vietnam
  • Controversies and Problems - Demonstrations - Student Strike
  • Alumni - Ifshin, David

Collections & Papers

Barricades outside Hendrick's Chapel during the student strike, 1970 [Image:07-0207]

  • Academic Affairs Records, Task Force for Academic Innovation Files, 1970 (Chaired by Michael O. Sawyer, the task force was appointed for a full semester by Chancellor Corbally in June 1970 as a direct outcome of the student strike of May 1970). Boxes 26 and 27.

  • Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor Melvin A. Eggers Papers. Student Strike, 1970. Box 8.

  • Chancellor Papers, John E. Corbally, Jr.. Strike, May 1970, and Slides of Fire, 1970 (7 folders). Boxes 37 and 38. Restricted

  • Larry Elin Papers (Associate Professor, TV Radio and Film), Box 1. Includes newspaper articles, newspapers, digital cassette tapes of interviews of alumni, and color slides.

  • J. Robert Greene Papers (Author of The Eggers Years). Box 6. Restricted

  • College for Human Development Records. Dean Michael Marge, Strike Folder 1970, 1972. Box 9.

  • Roscoe Martin Papers. Political Science, Strike 1970, 1972. Box 23.

  • Maxwell School Records. Dean Alan Campbell, Student Strike, May 1970. Box 5.

  • Maxwell School Records. History Department, Student Strike, May 1970. Box 9.

  • Newhouse School of Public Communications Records. Student Strike Preparation 1970. Box 6

  • News and Public Affairs Records, Mary English, Editor, The Record. Student Strike 1970. Box 9.

  • Harvey A. Schwartz '70 Papers (Editor, The Promethean). Box 1

  • Student Activities Reference Collection. Student Politics, Petitions and Strikes. Box 10.

  • University College Office of the Dean Records. Dean Frank Funk, Student Strike - Syracuse University, 1970. Box 99.

  • College of Visual and Performing Arts Office of the Dean Records. Deans Lawrence Schmeckebier and August Freundlich, Files, 1965-1974. Box 89.

Master's Thesis

Student Paul Frikelman at the student strike, 1970  [Image:07-0206]

  • Eichsteadt, James Eric. "Shut It Down!": The Syracuse University Student Strike and Anti-War Protests, May 1970. Master's Thesis, Syracuse University, 1998.

Photographs & Slides

  • John Austin Meyer Papers. Slides, Syracuse University - Student Strike, May 1970. Box 38.

  • Photograph Collection, Controversies and Problems - Demonstrations - Student Strike 1970. Box 118.

  • Photograph Collection, Special Events - Commencement, 1970. Box 130 (3 folders).

  • Portrait File. Corbally, John, Chancellor.

  • Portrait File. Ifshin, David '71, President of National Student Association.

Student strike armband, RG 26, Student Activities, Box 12

  • Vietnam Protest Poster, "Vietnam Pledge Card." MC 22-2.


Front page of the Daily Orange, May 5, 1970 [Image: 10-0291]

  • Alumni News 52 (Summer 1970).

  • Daily Orange (Available on microfilm at Bird Library), 1970.

  • Greene, John R. Syracuse University: The Egger Years. Vol. V. Syracuse: Syracuse University, 1998.

  • Onondagan (Syracuse University Yearbook), 1971 and 1972.

  • Orsino, Patricia, ed. A Century on Piety Hill: Syracuse University Centennial History. Syracuse: Syracuse University, 1970.

  • Promethean (student publication), 1970.