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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
February 1852

SUNDAY, February 1
This is a precious day. Prepared a Sermon on Separation from the world 2d Cor - 6. 17-18 - The substance of it came to me in the night - lying awake in bed. This morning wrote the skeleton. Preached it honestly - God was with me attended the word with power.

A most delightful sacramental service this P.M. My heart greatly melted & blessed "the best of all is God is with us" -

MONDAY, February 2
Worked hard all this day to complete a philosophical lecture - delivered at 4 P.M. to the Senior & Junior classes and several ladies Subject experience It was my purpose to refute the use made of experience by Sensationalists. I attempted to show that experience is neither an acquiring nor a combining faculty. That it belongs exclusively to the receptive intellect and is preceded and conditioned by the active intellect. Alone it would not connect the experiences of any two men - nor any two points of experience of the same individual nor any two qualities of a complex object nor any facts as the basis of generalization nor any inward results with outward causes - It created some surprise - Leaders meeting Eve.

WEDNESDAY, February 4
Class meeting today - a good time only nine members present. But I trust God was with us. Went to see an absent member Found her sick - A good member - Generally very faithful - Her father & brother both skillful physicians have died since I came to Carlisle. I fear she will not be with us long.

THURSDAY, February 5
A remarkable display of Divine power at our precious little meeting for the promotion of holiness. From the commencement of the meeting it was evident God was with us. Our hearts melted. One dear young man who has been with us for a few evenings got into a struggle for present full salvation - continued until the evidence was clear. Bless the God o my soul.

FRIDAY, February 6
This day received another application from a good station in Ph[iladelphi]a. desiring to know whether I would urge any objections to being appointed there next year. I replied as I have to every other application of their kind. I hope I can remain in the Baltimore Conf - but I am a Methodist and a Methodist Preacher shall simply go where I am sent.

SATURDAY, February 7
Took the cars for Shippensburg. Just before starting Prof. J. informed me that he had writn to them (at S.) to expect a temperance address from me. In the evening I found a very large & highly respectable audience. Spoke an hour from a full soul upon the desecration of law which in Pa. is against the injured & on the side of the oppressors.

SUNDAY, February 8
Preached in the M. E. Ch. Shippensburg for the first time The audience was large and it seemed to me unusually intelligent. A very large number of young men. O how my soul went out after them. Text Phil. 4. 13.

Preached again in the evening - A full house and many solemnly impressed. I felt that God aid me. Text "for we are unto God a sweet savor"

MONDAY, February 9
Took the cars for Chambersburg to fill an appointment on Temperance. Court house well filled - Audience - listened with much apparent interest for an hour and a half to a plea against the abuse of law. Showing that prohibition is the policy of the government - prohibition for the many License for the few We wish to extend p - little few.

TUESDAY, February 10
Started for the morning train - Just two minutes too late! Saw the cars move off slowly but with increased velocity when a few rods distant! What a feeling of disappointment! Thot. of being too late at the gate of heaven! How awful! May God save me from such a fate.

More fortunate in P.M. reached my delightful home in security having delivered 2 sermons & 2 addresses since Saturday Eve -

Wrote hard on my lecture and saw much clear light on an intriguing subject - the methodology of objective idealism.

P.M. went out to dine with a friend. Mr. C. S. a fine and faithful trustee. Got Br. M. to lead my class - Had a very pleasant visit Dr. W Pastor & his lady & Mrs. P. in con.

THURSDAY, February 12
Pushed on with my lecture strange that the science of Metaphysics should be considered dry. The great problems of truth all center here. But how much obscurity gathers around them as they are pressed to a solution. Shall I do any good by writing on them? I hope so. Indeed I feel that I have a mission in Philosophy which tho. not first is 2d. in the aim of life & highly subordinate to the first.

FRIDAY, February 13
This evening went out to tea with Ms. P at Mrs. Ss Met several members of faculty & others. Evening very pleasant. Had to leave a while for a Faculty meeting at Prof. Ms. He is a pleasant man. I differ with him occasionally but always with the best of feeling. Had some splendid apples quite a rarity. Was compelled to be absent prayer meeting. Got a student to lead it. Feel it to be a loss.

SATURDAY, February 14
Had recevd a letter from Dr. [Wilkes?] of York begging me to come & help him on Sunday - a Missionary collection sermon &c. Said he had ventured to publish that he expected me. Felt obliged to go. Professors dislike to have me absent. Took the cars 91/4 had some 3 hs. in Harrisburg - Went up to Legislature & got introduced to several gentlemen for the sake of pleading for Main[e] law. Hard up hill business just now better by & by.

SUNDAY, February 15
Had pleasant quarters in York with Father Jones & family. Preached with much comfort in the morning on "Sympathy of Jesus" Some wept. P.M. addressed S.S. pleasant hour & profitable to myself. Went to tea with Rev. Mr. Hay at his Female Institute. Felt my heart moved in prayer for the young ladies Spoke a few words to them. Preached in Eve on Gospel to all meeting. Rather a hard time. Told much plain truth - Collections a little better than last year. But small.

MONDAY, February 16
Left this morn, at 6 - ocl. Home a little after 9. Feel much fatigued - But home sweet home will revive me.

We are contemplating the arrival of the trustees for the election of my successor - May God direct them.

TUESDAY , February 17
A large member of the Board came in the P.M. train. Br. Waugh among them. He takes a lively interest in the welfare of our college. Out guests are Rev. Mr. Thompson of Pha Conference and Rev. Mr. Porter of New Jersey. Both superior men. Model Christian gentlemen

WEDNESDAY, February 18
Board met in chapel of college at 9 a.m. It was ex. officio my duty to preside. Conversation commenced upon candidates for President. Pres. Allen presented a petition from seventy two students of College & Grammar school asking my re election. Supposing that this would be construed to make me a candidate I requested the Board to lay the subject over until I could prepare a communication in writing which was agreed to. I replied declining to be a candidate upon the ground of desire and intention to enter the pastoral work. I am more-over satisfied that a better man for the presidency can be found. The election was postponed until regular meeting select prayer meeting on Thursday after which I addressed a temperance m.

FRIDAY, February 20
The Maine law for Pa. is now extensively agitated in this state and I truly feel a citizens interest in it. But the battle is a hard one. The resources of our antagonists are immense. The gains of the traffic in Liquors are incalculable and the name of dealers is legion. But we are urged on by the tears & sighs of widows and orphans by the wants, the injuries &sufferings of humanity by the principles of eternal rectitude. We never will give up the struggle. The law as it is now is defends the crime. And offers no protection to the injured. It must be changed. The sacred name of law is desecrated.

SUNDAY, February 22
Heard Rev. M. [Brison?] preach in the morning - he is a good man - a very plain man. Preaches some very useful sermons.

In the P.M. had our usual family exercises - A Sermon read (one of Wesley sons) & then prayed with & for each other

Preached in the evening from Phil 4. 13. About 40 minutes - had a sweet season.

MONDAY, February 23
Spent good part of this day with professor correcting proof & editing the scholarship plan for publication. It is a great plan on the whole necessary & meets my approbation I hope it may succeed but a vast deal of labor will be required to carry it into effect.

TUESDAY, February 24
This day without incident. Thinking a little about conference. I am soon to leave to meet my Brethren of Baltimore C. to which I belong. My feelings are peculiar. I expect to be appointed to a pastoral charge. If I did not feel it to be my imperative duty I should tremble to assume the responsibility. But with a clear evidence of a call from God. With the conviction that the time has fully come when I ought to be a preacher & nothing but a preacher and distinctly hearing the voice of my Master saying "So I am with you" I can honestly say that I fear no evil. The very thought of the change is thrilling to my heart.

THURSDAY, February 26
Went this day to address a mass temperance meeting at the seat of government. Called to assist in trying to influence the Legislation to pass the Maine Law. Meeting in the courthouse - densely crowded Many members & Senators present. Rev. P. Coombe commended a fervid powerful speech 1 1/2 h long - I followed - spoke 3/4 of an hour. The interest was intense.

FRIDAY, February 27
Getting ready for conference. Start tomorrow The meeting of three hundred Methodist Preachers in conference is an important event full of friendly social interest for them & of momentous interest to the Church. I shall meet mostly strangers but a few tried & warm friends.

SATURDAY, February 28
Left my dear home at 9 1/4 a.m. for conference - was to dedicate a church at Marietta on the way - Disappointed at Harrisburg not making the connection. Resolved to wait till train from Pittsburg 4 1/2 P.M. should come This would take me to Mt Joy 5 ms from Marietta - then take a carriage - Got dinner at good Mrs. Awls - Went up and saw the Legislature in session. Waited for cars but no arrival Likely to be kept from my appointment - Must try one way more - took the cars for York - There to my joy found a train going at 10 1/2 night to Columbia - Waited at the inn & Had a most interesting debate with a live yankey on the Maine Law Found him at last to be a strong Temperance man. Sat night near 12 - reached Columbia - Went to bed at a Hotel - Slept well till morning took a carriage 4 ms to Mt. [Had?] much interesting conversation on the way with my poor Catholic Irish driver. With what amazement did he learn from me that he was a man with the right to think & read & act for himself - that the Virgin could do him no good - that if he got once into purgatory he would never get out again.

SUNDAY, February 29
Reached M - & found many desponding but my good Br. Urie[?] still insisting that I would be there. The dear people had struggled hard to build their church raised about $2400. Had $1200 yet to raise. Hoped to make some impression upon the debt at dedication - Were almost in despair - But God was behind the cloud - He gave us a clear sky & abundant grace - I preached in the morning on a resident God - Was much blessed - Br. U. in the PM. Submissions and donations brt up to $700! Preached again in the Eve. on sympathy of Jesus. An excellent time raised $500 more & finished the debt! It was wonderful -

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