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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
March 1852

MONDAY, March 1
Monday morning left the dear people so happy that they hardly knew what to do with themselves.

On the way to conference stayed at my friends G. R. Baltimore. Warm friends Had hardly got in to the hall before I was met by Father Mother children & servants.

TUESDAY, March 2
Left in cars with probably more than 100 preachers for Cumberland Arrived safe at about 6 P.M. Our members had increased to 175 - Got my destination Mr. Tuckers cashier of Bank - Was introduced to him at the depot - A splendid gentleman - He kindly took me home Gave me a chance to make my toilet & then introduced me to his lady A superior woman - New Yorkers! How happy to meet them - Everything about the table New York style - excellent & my dear Brother John S. Martin is my fellow boarder & room mate. Nothing could suit me better.

Wednesday morning met with Brethren in Conference . The session commenced by the usual religious services. The Sacrament in addition. It was a melting time. We some five who were with us last year but are now in heaven. We thought some of us would be called away before another S.

Thursday - Usual routine of conference business Bishop Janes presides assisted by Bishop Waugh. An official member here from Washington to secure my appointment at the Foundry. Dear Brothers. He is my devoted friend - Thinks he is certainly right - brings petition from Leaders Meeting. I can not take a part in the matter.

Friday - usual routine - Requested by Bishop Janes to call on him - Did so - kindly wished to consult me in relation to my work for the year I told him distinctly that I preferred not to be transferred But if the interest of the work requires it sent me away anywhere. I think he intends to send me to the Foundry.

Saturday - Usual routine I am off for the country to dedicate a church - Rode 28 Ms on plank road up onto the Allegheny Mts. to Berlin. Somerset Co. Preferred to accommodate strangers who seldom see brethren from abroad to remaining & preaching in Town where there is an abundance of help. The ride was pleasant - the view from Mr. Savage splendid.

Sunday - Preached & dedicated a beautiful brick church - Urged the brethren to pay the debt $300 - They were pleased with the idea - subscribed liberally - All counted we found we had "more than enough" $385 - How thankful & delighted the people were - Preached again in the evening - the Lord poured out his spirit. Had eight mourners at the altar - Such gratitude such courage - I hardly ever found -

Preached & People seemed determined to labor for the gl[ory] of God.

Monday - Took the stage 1/2 past 4 A.M. for Cumberland Was in my room 28 ms distant at about 8 ocl. Ready for breakfast - Conference routine.

Tuesday - The great interest today is election of delegates. Too many candidates - Some thot I ought to go - Majority thot otherwise. Hadn't been at Conference long enough - Could nt leave College - thot I was about to leave the Conference others better claims &c. - Some reason to believe if my true position had been known would have had more votes - But had enough (57) for a stranger - God is in it - After election was over felt free to inform brethren of my purpose to stay with them for life if it pleased Providence - whereupon they gave me a unanimous [r__sing] vote of cordial reception into their pastoral work - I felt thankful.

Wednesday - Usual routine same Thursday - great plan for endowment of Dickinson Col. Unanimously adopted The true author of this plan for out college is Prof. Johnson. It will doubtless succeed.

Friday - Approaching a close Brethren very kind to me.

Sat. Mn. 5 Am met to receive appointments I am stationed at Foundry - 8 ocl. - Off in cars, for my station.

Most cordially welcomed at the depot. Went to Br. Rs -

Sunday M. Addressed the S.S. Felt a new interest - A new life

Preached & God was with Me. 11. Cor. 11. 15-16. Met Br. Bates Class P.M. Preached in Eve. Phil 1 V. 13 - Felt tired but peaceful. This is a new day to Me - In my own Church - preaching to my own dear people - & I a Pastor Glory be to God -

MONDAY, March 15
Stayed to meet the official members in the evening & spent the day in visiting from house to house - Desired the brethren to take me to the sick & infirm Visited 12 Families at great distances apart - One man near death alarmed for his soul Oh how I do feel for him - Generally ready to die - Some triumphant. Oh what power in experimental religion - At night I was completely exhausted but felt happy. Said to Br. R. how can any man consider this work a cross. For 15 years I have not enjoyed such a day. Oh praise the Lord for the privilege of praying with & consoling the sick & the dying.

Found at the official meeting that arrangements made for the charge during my absence 4 ms. Generally satisfactory but not unusually so - Brethren [_____] to ask the P.E. to charge them & leave the charge with me. I must go down the first S. in every month & as often as possible between those times. May the Lord preserve the dear people.

TUESDAY, March 16
Tuesday M. Left at 6 for home - A hard days ride - not well - arrived safe 3 1/2 P.M.

Wednesday - Quite tired out. Troubled with the swelling of a fistulas ulcer of long study. My dear wife is my nurse What could I do without her. I shall get well under her kind and faithful treatment Feeble as she is she is never too feeble to take care of me if anything is the matter of me. The Lord be praised for so great a blessing as a faithful affectionate wife She seems necessary to my very existence.

THURSDAY, March 18
Find myself verily a college president again - several days of hard officer labor accumulated in my absence - Obliged to perform them tho. Hardly able to sit up - Some unpleasant months of discipline postponed for my arrival - Obliged to inflict severe penalties -

FRIDAY, March 19
Executed discipline upon the two offenders. Hard for me to do it.

SATURDAY, March 20
The general order in college is still excellent - Had close conversation today with a young man going away. He says there is a little occasional drinking - limited to a small number - that the same one with one or two exceptions has not given evidence of drinking twice. This is extraordinary - Trust we shall be able to detect the offenders.

SUNDAY, March 21
This blessed Sabbath morning I enjoy a sweet sense of the Divine approbation - Am a little better in health - Hardly able to go to Church. Incline to try it Fear it will instate my disease - I love the will of the Lord - Only let me know what it is & by grace assisting me I will do it.

Have recd news of the death of my eldest Sister - A child of sorrow triumphantly released. -

MONDAY, March 22
A day without remarkable incident - But no day is without importance It brings serious responsibilities and as it passes it bears us nearer to the spirit land. My life is passing rapidly away half gone at least already. God forbid that I should waste a moment of my precious remaining time.

TUESDAY, March 23
Have reason to fear that certain students are in the danger from a secret association recently formed among them - A young man had entered college from Pa Univt. Had a visit from 2 Strangers probably students from that University. It is said that they three organized the said society. We have unpleasant intimations as to the principles & objects of the society. We shall be wide awake to watch their movements. We regret that there is no special statute prohibiting unauthorized secret societies. They are sources of endless mischief. It would be an occasion of grief if a Methodist Parishioners son should be the means of entailing years of trouble infidelity & dissipation upon our beloved college - He seems a fine young man is an excellent scholar and perfectly upright in his external deportment - is we learn the very idol of his most excellent Father. But I fear he has been drawn into a snare before seeing us. If rumour is true this secret association existing in different colleges is the very organization of dissipation & almost every species of sin. I hope we may find less mischief in it than we fear. We would promptly eradicate the whole thing at any cost if the rumors could be reduced to reliable evidence.

FRIDAY, March 26
Started with Mrs. P to visit my station at Was - Had a pleasant ride H. on R.R. Rested sweetly & dined with our dear friend Mrs. Awl. Reached [B__] 7 1/2 Eve. Took carriage to the home of Br. G. R. Very kindly recd Met several dear friends then among them Rev. H. S. & lady & Dr. R. & lady

SATURDAY, March 27
(Saturday 27) Took cars for W. Met by 3 beloved Brethren at depot - taken to the house of my friend Br. E. Walters - At home - thank God.

SUNDAY, March 28
Sunday (28) - At 9 ocl. Administered the sacrament to Col W. poor man - just going to eternity - He is hoping in Gods redeeming mercy.

Preached at 11 - on Immortality of the Church. God was with us - P.M. Went with Br. R. to see a dear sister just going to heaven Happy might preach - on God our help Good time.

MONDAY, March 29
Entered in earnest upon pastoral labors. Baptized a child on the Island. Called on several families . Found but little disposition to trifle. My visits are generally recd as strictly religious - as they are intended to be - Have much liberty in conversing & praying with the people - O how I love this work. Let night intermediate Love feast - a sweet meeting time.

TUESDAY, March 30
Another day of precious pastoral labor. Went about with my dear friends Br. G &Br. B found several who had not seen a preacher in their houses for a long time - O how thankful they were - Two more I trust will be saved to the Church as the result of this days labour - God grant it. Met Br. Dr. class at n--.

It rains. Fear I shall do but little today - Good is the will of the Lord. Must rest - rest is duty. My dr wife not well. We are at good Br. Es receive every possible kindness - visited one family in the rain. Trust the Lord blessed the call - Mr. L came with his carriage after us - Went to tea. Used every opportunity to introduce the great theme. Our suggestions very kindly recd A most excellent prayer meeting at Ch. Some 70 or 80 present - After P.M. brt. home again to the house of our excellent friend Br. W. Sweet rest.

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