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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
April 1852

(Thursday, Apl 1) Must be off again at my work.

God has been with me all this day. I visited some 12 or 15 families living far apart. All seemed grateful - Felt great liberty.

FRIDAY, April 2
Put myself under the direction of my dear Br. J. a class leader. To save my strength engaged a carriage - It did not come. Walked from on extreme to another of the city. Called on Sister Greeves [?] - formerly very poor but now an heiress - more than $100,000 just coming into her hands in her old age. A good woman. Visited her sister another poor old lady who has received the same sum - This is a good providence - saw many others, spoke to them of their souls & prayed with them - Had a precious day.

It came into my mind Sat. morn. to go & see what those sisters would do towards a New parsonage $300 each with the encouragement of more. Think we shall succeed.

SUNDAY, April 4
My birthday - 41 years old this day - Have spent 25 in the Ch. & 20 in the ministry. A sinner saved by grace. Never enjoyed a day of richer fuller salvation than this day. Preach morning & evening with great freedom on the judgment of Love. 2. Cor. 5. 15-16.

The sacrament was an occasion of overwhelming divine power.

MONDAY, April 5
Spent all this day in circulating subscription for Foundry parsonage. Trustees were willing to commence building with $2000 - By 1/2 past 8 in Eve. I had it all subscribed $600 only were produced on Saturday. - The balance on Monday. A hard days work but a pleasant one. It rained hard all day but I could not stop for it as I must leave the next morning.

TUESDAY, April 6
This morning left my dear people at 7 6 A.M. & took the cars for Carlisle - Must return to my college work. I do it as a duty & a cross - But cheerfully because it is duty Have spent in all 12 days including 3 Sundays in my station Preached 6 sermons. Met 4 classes, baptized one child Administered sacrament to the church & to 2 sick out of church - attended prayer meeting Love Feast & leaders meeting made some 70 or 80 pastoral visits & raised $2000+ for a parsonage. A most delightful labour. O when shall I have nothing else to do - After all I am an unprofitable servant I have done only that which was my duty to do.

Wednesday 7 safe at home. Bless the Lord. Found everything in confusion. Steward had not furnished wood - students had become excited & torn up the Lecture rooms - as I had dreamed a few nights before.

Have heard all my regular recitations thus far this week inspite disordered state of rooms when I came home - no person refusing to recite tho they generally perhaps, thot. of getting off The students all seem kind & obliging to me - This is very agreeable to my feelings.

Had our first Thursday night meeting in Mrs. Ps room. Several students in Some new ones A most excellent meeting.

FRIDAY, April 9
My dear Boy is sick Was unwell when we came home Fear he will have a course of fever. May the Lord preserve him. If able to study he would complete the course preparatory for college by commencement. Only [blank] years old - A perfectly destitute orphan - with us from 3 yrs old - A sound intellect a good heart - an obstinate will under tolerable subjection thro grace - We love him tenderly.

SATURDAY, April 10
Our dear son quite sick. I trust it will please the Lord to raise him. He is most solemnly dedicated to God - We cease not to pray for his future usefulness. It would be an occasion of great grief to us if he should prematurely die - Good is the will of the Lord - We trust him in all things.

SUNDAY, April 11
Heard our new preacher Rev. Dr. Wickes this morning. The sermon was a good one. He seems likely to please & profit the people. May God sanction him.

Called to join a few friends at the room of our dear friend Mrs. Wentworth. Our pastor administered the sacrament to her & those present. She is dying with consumption. Will soon be gone - an excellent woman.

MONDAY, April 12
Have for several days had unpleasant apprehensions in relation to the health of our dear daughter. She is quite delicate - Seems to be labouring under dyspepsia Can hardly eat anything - But I trust she will soon be better. We are devoted to her as to our own child - She seems now to want only firm health to be very useful

TUESDAY, April 13
Our son is better. The Lord be praised

Have been hard at work for a week fetching up my correspondence & office work - Begin to see thro it Hope I shall finish everything on Thursday. More will accumulate during my absence

Called to address a Temperance Meeting in Town which I did with a hearty good will.

Small class today - Our members will not come to class meeting if it rains But the few who were together seemed to be profited

I love class meeting I believe I should attend regularly each week if I were not a Leader. If I get settled in my station I believe I intend to lead one class each week

THURSDAY, April 15
A Most excellent meeting this evening for the promotion of holiness An unusual number of young men present All seemed on a stretch for God - Those who attend regularly grow in grace & in the knowledge of our L. & S. J. C. Some triumph in the witness of perfect love. Several others are panting after it.

FRIDAY, April 16
Started again for my new station - Hope to go thro in a day and have the whole of Saturday to work - Cars reached Baltimore a few minutes too late to make the connention Went to Br. Rs. Had the good fortune to meet my dear friend Br. Ames with Br. Daily. Delegates to Gen. Conf. - from Indianna Conf - Had a private conversation with Br. A of intense interest on Gen Con. affairs -

SATURDAY, April 17
Went with Br. A to the Boat - On the way he said he supposed I was aware that my name would be used there. I asked in what connection. Upon hearing his opinion I said if you hear my name mentioned I have but two special favors to ask. One is tell every body that I want nothing but to be left to enjoy the pastoral work for which I have been praying & hoping so long. The other is to not suffer me to be abused in my absence. To both he consented. I said no man has a claim upon any office The only question is does the church require his services? If so it is his duty to bow in submission. He agreed most cordially.

Met good Dr. S at the boat. He is my very great friend. He will probably be elected Bishop.

Left for Washington at 9 - Arrived at about 11 and went by previous arrangement to the house of Br. Simpson -

Found brethren somewhat desponding from the amt. of the estimates for the parsonage & trustees were incouraged - we added near 1500 to the subscription - All fair.

SUNDAY, April 18
Sunday preached Morning & Evening on the Baptism of the Holy Ghost - A good day but very stormy -

MONDAY, April 19
Monday - came safely home.

TUESDAY, April 20
Found students uneasy again cold rain - and no wood. Helped to put things right - Trust we shall soon be over this trouble.

Our Dear friend Mrs. W. seems to be rapidly failing - The Lord is with her Perhaps she may live a day or two - She hopes to stay till the arrival of her Sister who is on the way.

Mrs. Wentworth is dead. A jewel of priceless worth has taken its place in the Coronet of the Redeemer. I feel deeply for her poor suffering husband and bereaved son. College is suspended until after the funeral.

Spent much of the day in assisting Prof. W. in his preparations for the funeral.

THURSDAY, April 22
This was a day of deep solemnity. The remains of Sister W. were placed in a neat mahogany coffin - Her husband son Sister & husband's sister were present as mourners - The college attended in a body - All felt that community as well as the family of the deceased had suffered a loss - Our excellent Dr. Wicks conducted the service in a most solemn and appropriate manner. His prayer was fervent and comprehensive The Lord was manifestly present to sustain the afflicted & solemnize every mind The body of my early pupil & devoted friend was buried with the remains of her little son who died last summer.

Evening our private meeting was one of great power.

FRIDAY, April 23
Friday a full students prayer meeting fuller than usual.

SATURDAY, April 24
A day of rest to body and mind. After declamation I felt disinclined to work. My dear wife quite sick - I spent more time with her than usual O with what affection did I clasp her to my heart as I said you are here yet and alive. It seemed for the moment as if I can almost hold her & defend her from the attacks of death itself. She is feeble in body but strong in faith.

SUNDAY, April 25
This day heard our beloved Pastor Dr. W. Preach a most powerful sermon - Congregation large - Many compelled to weep I look for good from his labours.

P.M. followed our usual practice of calling family together - Reading one of Wesley's sermons and engaging in family prayer - Meeting a profitable time. My admiration for those remarkable sermons increases with every reading.

MONDAY, April 26
They are sure the classics of Methodism. I am determind to imbue my own mind and those of my family with the admirable spirit - Sunday Eve. heard Br. W. again. His sermon was very effective Spent some time in writing on the subject of holiness. I love the theme and delight to dwell upon it.

TUESDAY, April 27
Hard work to complete my correspondence for the week. A heavy labor which no man can appreciate but one who has occupied my position or one of equal responsibility. Recd a letter from Washington in forming me of the death of one of my best members. Dear Sister S.C. Praise the Lord she has gone in triumph.

This day a most excellent class meeting. The Lord was with us in a powerful manner We were melted down in his presence & greatly improved by the blessing

I am greatly attached to the class. It seems to me that to leave it will be one of my greatest crosses. I never thought myself a good class leader but I am trying to improve.

THURSDAY, April 29
Another excellent little meeting. Some twelve of the dear young men from college were present. A spirit pervades these meeting which is certainly marked and peculiar All embarrassment disappears. Each one lays hold of the throne of grace for himself. Those who lead our prayer are much more free & powerful here than elsewhere

FRIDAY, April 30
Left at 4 1/4 for Washington My time in the cars is by no means lost - I keep the way open for the formation of new acquaintances. But if nothing of this kind offers I shut myself up to reflection reading and prayer. I have composed some of my best sermons in the car - Arrived at York about 6 - put up at a tavern - Had very good accommodations.

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