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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
June 1852

TUESDAY, June 1 - SATURDAY, June 5
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday & Saturday regular routine & sim examination

SUNDAY, June 6
Preached for Dr. W in Carlisle. Had a good spiritual time. My sermon was a second sermon on separation from the world. The first I preached some time ago. Both were close searching & honest. The brethren seemed to like theme very much - Even some who were evidently condemned by them -

A good sacramental service in the PM. Preparing today for a special occasion - The Ladies are busy - but keep this place to themselves. I feel that the approaching event is one common importance to the parties & to us.

Read out the assignment of parts for commencement. Our dear Ralph is the valedictorian by unanimous consent. His rival a lovely young man congratulated him & said he had richly earned it. Mr. L was around equal in rank the only distinction is the valedictory. This Ralph is the only man of the class in the rebellion of 51 who refused to join the unlawful combination. Two J. K. Peck & T. Shirlack were out of the class temporarily having been engaged in teaching. All the others resisted authority & were officially separated from col - Positively the most painful act of my life. In answer to prayer they all but one gave Satisfaction to the faculty & were restored.

In the midst of the rebellion This young man went boldly in & recited alone. He braved the hisses & taunts of his class mates. Simply resolved to do right & take the consequences.

He seemed to be hated by his class after they were restored & by many others but secretly & in a careful way many began to acknowledge that he was right & evidently honored him for the stand he had taken. Now he is the honored valedictorian of his class & not a [__] moved against him. Fiat justicia ruat coelum.

This day our dear adopted daughter was married to our beloved friend Ralph Pierce - He is a model of patriot perseverance & courtesy. He came to col. 4 years ago with by 27 dols - He has earned by sawing wood working in gardens & teaching a large part of all his expenses in college and I here record my gratitude to God that our dear Marcilla has had the good sense to prefer a poor young man of good character sound mind and thorough education. I believe the union is of God. They will teach for a while but he will doubtless enter the ministry. They were married at 8 - A few friends & all the senior class being present. Escorted to the cars by a large procession of students with flowers & rejoicing - With the exception of a few excesses such as students all [c__] it was well done - They nearly covered my little daughter with flowery wreaths & bouquets after she got into the cars.

Wednesday was a very lovely day -

Thursday hardly better - but a good meeting in the evening -

FRIDAY, June 11
Friday still sad & my poor wife quite disconsolate - The loss of our dear children tho amid joy & gladness - seems hard to us - The house really seems empty.

Saturday we left in a carriage with Mr. J.S. a beloved student of the Junior class on a visit to his Father's in the country. A pleasant ride to Dillsburg and a kind reception at Dr. Shearers.

SUNDAY, June 13
Sunday - a beautiful day. Preached in our little church morning & evening to fine congregations. My soul was very much drawn out for the dear people - There was once a fine Methodist society here but removals deaths & expulsions they have dwindled down to handful - I asked Dr. S. Sat. Eve. to take me to the Methodist families & alas! There were but two - & but three members sound entirely discouraged - Dear people I pitied them - prayed with them & tried to rouse them - I hope there will yet be a resurrection of Methodism in Dillsburg.

MONDAY, June 14
Monday morning has a delightful ride home. My dear wife seemed a little improved by the ride - Her health is very feeble - Dear woman she suffers somuch this year I hope she will be much better in a year or two - Dr not expect much improvement sooner.

TUESDAY, June15 & WEDNESDAY, June 16
Tuesday & Wednesday trying to write my baccalaureate. Hard work.

Still busy with my writing. I can see my way partly thro. my subject - All for the glory of God whether I succeed splendidly or suffer a personal mortification. The will of the Lord be done.

This evening we had an excellent meeting. The dear young men are lamenting that there is but one more God bless take care of them.

FRIDAY, June 18
This morning I resume my writing - Must leave at 4 for Washington.

Had a very pleasant ride but thought less successfully than I had intended. I found my friend Br. Birne in cars at Baltimore. Told me that Br. Watters was dead. Dear man he went in peace & triumph at 11 on Sat. Arrived in Wash. Met by my dear friends Brs. Ricketts & Jasper [?].

Found myself at home for the rest of the day. At the home of my good friend Br. D. A. Gardner where I was joined at dinner by Brs. R. & J. A most pleasant company & a delightful interview.

Among my calls was one on good Sister Watters & children Deeply affected - But divinely sustained. Met the Leaders - made a through investigation in regard to class attendance.

SUNDAY, June 20
Preached this morning to a large & attentive audience in behalf of D. School Union - Text "Cast thy bread upon the watters" A poor performance! Strange that I should be so unsuccessful upon a theme which I had once before used with signal success. How the people regarded it I do not know I asked no questions - said nothing in relation to it. I have learned that it is no way to help a poor effort to run it down yourself & a good one needs no help. I have therefore determined to make no allusions to my own performances by way of apology - begging for compliments or otherwise I will do the best I can in the name of the Lord & leave the event with him. If my people talk to me about my sermon my way is to change the subject conveniently soon as possible.

P.M. called a meeting of the church to listen to the reading of the Discipline & the pastoral address. It was a profitable time - Fall attendance much feeling & I doubt not much good done. I was at work about an hour & a half.

Preparatory to the evening - I betook myself to prayer - and God was with me - Preached on the saviors dying bequest - a pious time.

MONDAY, June 21
Monday returned home - found the public all the way interested in the doings of the Baltimore Whig Convention - When in Harrisburg I learned the nomination of Gen. Scott - Shall be disappointed if he is elected

Found several things out of joint in college - annoyed there - No special incident with Sunday or Monday.

The last of our choice little meetings for the promotion of holiness at length arrived. It was an affecting time. We were greatly humbled by the reflection that we had done so little for the Sacred Cause during the efforts of nearly four years. But very thankful to God for what had been done. We could remember a member who had been wholly satisfied thro this instrumentality & who are yet holding our with steadfast faith and a holy life - Regret deeply that some have lost this evidence tho still striving to regain it - Of still others all have no knowledge. We hope they will be bright & shining lights wherever they may be - During the time very many have testified to the great spiritual improvement they have gained in their meetings. I believe when the records of eternity appear it will be seen that this has been one of the most useful of all one means of grace here. It might have been a blessing to hundreds more had they attended regularly. There has been one strange thing in this little history nearly all the Brothers & many of the Sisters from [F___] have been in at different times apparently as a matter of curiosity, and they have been almost invariably melted before the Lord & powerfully blessed & some have made humble [___] Three [___] have seen them here no more. One dear Brother seemed to obtain the precious blessing of perfect love. I have no doubt he did His exercises were all genuine He melted - He agonized & plead with God for a clean heart. He believed & entered in - But never came again - A good man & a class leader - The opposition has been generally silent but powerful. Opposite! & to what? Alas to a special effort to promote holiness! I am amazed at the thought! I have reason to believe that the Church is suffering deeply from this cause. May God help her. Her day of light in this great [th___] will surely come! The Lord hastens it.

Before dismissing this subject I wish to recount distinctly the following particulars:
1. Holiness can not be attained without the consent of the will - without a desire for it - without some thought and feeling in the subject & strict faith for it.
2. Every believer is in duty bound to make it a special subject of study of prayer & of faith.
3. Special efforts for its promotion are needed - The church will die without them and very devout Christians should rally his most devout & earnest margins for this purpose.
4. These special efforts should be no means be exclusive of general ones or of special efforts for other blessings but should mingle & harmonize with the whole.
5. They should not always take the same form. It must depend upon circumstances whether special meetings for this purpose are advisable.

FRIDAY, June 25
Friday no incident -

Saturday quite unwell oblige to take medicines & dirt -

SUNDAY, June 27
Sunday - still unwell - took more medicine stayed at home from Church all day - Was blessed in bearing this severe cross - Had much time for meditation & prayer & writing -

MONDAY, June 28
Monday better.

TUESDAY, June 29
Tuesday examination continued.

Wednesday & Thursday continued -

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