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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
July 1852

FRIDAY, July 2
Examination continued - Strangers coming in - old students - How glad we are to see them. Settled accounts of Treasurer - a very accurate man & a first rate officer.

Last regular Faculty meeting - Felt pleased that it was the last but sad to think it so - special meetings must be held. May God direct us.

The time of commencement is drawing near. Five days more & my college life will end. A life of care - of labour of sacrifice & of much improvement & pleasure. I believe God sent me here &_ I believe he orders me away - Time will show in part - Eternity fully. Today Mrs. P's Sister arrived. We were glad to see her.

SUNDAY, July 4
The last Sabbath of the college year begins with a general class meeting in Prof. M's Lecture room at 8 A most affecting time. It grieved me to think that I should meet with those dear young men no more. May Heaven bless them. Heard Br. Tippett P.E. moving at 5 Delivered the Baccalaureate Discourse. The Audience was large & apparently interested - One hour & twenty minutes in the reading - I am desired to publish it.

MONDAY, July 5
Strangers & friends coming in rapidly. My poor wife so feeble that I can not open my food freely as I usually so - She must go away - I fear that to have her remain in the midst of excitement - A few family & select friends are with us. Mrs. P. must leave but our excellent sister is with us - a very great relief.

Mrs. P., gone to our dear friends Mr. Wing's - They have from the very first treated us more like family connections than like strangers - Excellent people - They seem just as much interested for us - work as hard in proposing for the Leave as tho. it were all for themselves - The Lord reward them.

A most distressing [d___] today in regard to the Juniors.

A sort of feud between members of this class & Prof. J. & B. has been going on for some months. Students deeply in the wrong. Professors not so conciliating as I think would be useful. Juniors for their last composition handed in an accusative upon Prof. Js name - A shameful personal thing - It was a question whether they should be called to account before Court Mor? giving a chance to settle it by due retractions or whither they should be refused advancement without previous notes. I was in favor of the former Professors all of the latter - Thursday morning students trustees officers & visitors all assembled in chapel - only form Js. promoted. The blow was terrible excitement very great. The last distressing official act of my administration.

Commencement - all easily done. Leave at night & the end!

FRIDAY, July 9
It is surely true that I am no longer President but a simple plain Methodist preacher. I thank God.

1. That I came here for, I have learned much - enjoyed much - suffered much and I think done a little for the cause of Christian Education that would have been otherwise impossible. I believe I have contributed something toward the religious elevation of the college - the increased influence of the moral element - I think under God I have been the means of bringing into the college many who would never have seen it or any other if I had not reached them by traveling preaching & lecturing extensively. With out the patronizing confreres many of them & others have been converted partly thro my humble instrumentality. I confidently expect to meet a member in heaven who has reached their home in that blest world after a long life of usefulness or injurious to the day of their death. I thank God.

2. That I am permitted to retire at this time from a department of labor in which I have tried for 15 years to be useful - I am now in the middle of life. Can hope to use my little Education and Experience to some advantage. My tastes & sense of duty all harmonize - I enter the Ministry just when I am least prepared to appreciate its responsibility & perform its duties - I trust in God I shall be able to make myself useful. I am out of my cage.

Friday Eve. took leave of my dear family to go to my station expecting to be absent some four or five weeks - Felt much at parting. Commend my dear feeble wife especially to God.

Reached W. about 11. Sat. Went to the house of my friend Br. C. T. Gardner - Pleasant here very - my friends around now

SUNDAY, July 11
Sunday morning - met class - visited the sick - preached on Luke 24 2 5-6 a fair season - Administered sacrament - The Lord with us - Attended a funeral P.M. Preached evening 1. John 1. 7. It is desirable to be cleansed from all sins. A great time -

The day distressingly hot but I was suit[___]ed -

MONDAY, July 12
Monday in excellent health & strong in the faith that God will work here -

TUESDAY, July 13
Tuesday made pastoral visits - saw several sick & infirm - advised them - prayed with them - felt blessed.

Wed - pastoral visits & prayers met Br. B's class a full attendance for this meeting good time.

My soul is peaceful as the morning - the Savior Smiles - I have free access to him. Rich enjoyment in my hour of reading the Bible & prayer - contemplate my Pastoral work today with pleasure. Lord help me to save some souls this day.

Spent some time in shopping - grudged the time - hastened to enter my loved pastoral work. Saw my esteemed sister S. & two ladies about to die fear not ready. O how tremblingly they look into eternity - Neither of these members earnestly desired the instructions of a Methodist preacher Sent for me. The responsibility is great. God help me. Met Br. J's class - fine number - an excellent meeting - Several of my dear friends at tea. A profitable eve.

FRIDAY, July 16
Friday thorough work in pastoral visiting - Nine calls - Leaders meeting - all Leaders out but one - a very profitable meeting.

It rains very fast. I shall not get out much today but it is all right I need my time to complete my preparations for Sunday. My Soul trusts in God & I am perfectly happy.

By the blessing of Providence did make a pastoral call - found a family of three belonging to another charge - in a most unhappy state denying themselves all the privileges of the church because they had had an unfortunate personal difficulty. Must try to help save them.

SUNDAY, July 18
Sunday Went to Sunday sch - made a brief address - presenting one idea - Children attentive & pleased

Preached on Christians with Jesus in heaven. O what a flood of light - What a gracious shower

Dined with Br David A. Gardner

Went to see two ladies near death - O how I feel for them Made another call. Preached on the necessity of being clean from all sin.

The Lord owned the word but the outpouring of spirit was not so powerful as in the morning -

MONDAY, July 19
Monday was sent for to see a poor young Lady near her death. There fore she manifests no willingness to converse on the Subject of her Salvation. I feel deeply for her.

TUESDAY, July 20
This day removed from the home of my dear friends Mrs. & Mr. C. T. Gardner where I have spent ten days most agreeably. Indeed they have extended to me the very perfection of hospitality. We have enjoyed very precious religious seasons - prayer singing & conversation have all helped us to improve & we have all been steadily rising in enjoyment daily. The venerated Mother of Mrs. G is near her end - She is an example of Christian patience love & triumph. She longs to be off for her natural abode. The Parents are bringing up their three fine boys & one beautiful daughter in a thorough Christian manner. The children are interesting - kind to each other & respectful to their Parents - among the best in the Sunday school. Dear Julia and Charles are feeble in health. I have suggested to their parents to send them on to the mountains to school - they will probably start on Thursday. They are go to Cassville & be placed under the care of my dear children. I pray for God's blessing upon the measure - Sunday I am now with my good Brother Mitchell & Lady for a week How kind they are.

Wednesday - A whole forenoon alone to read & think & rest. A great privilege.

Met Br. Ms. Class called and prayed with the sick Returned very much fatigued. Br. & Sist. P took tea with me & spent the Eve Very pleasant people.

Wednesday Dinner & tea at good Br. Rs At tea met Rev. Brs Rozell Morgan & Perkins - Interview profitable More religious than such visits generally are - A fine prayer meeting in the Eve. Some 80 pres.

Thursday - home forenoon Dinner at Br. D A Gardners - Tea at Br. Evans. Both profitable Christian Interviews.

FRIDAY, July 23
The seat is almost insupportable. We could do little more than live during the whole day. I did succeed in preparing the skeleton of a sermon on it is possible to be cleansed from all sin. Sunday evening I intend to preach it. O that I might be aided by the Holy Spirit. This day is the only one thus far on which I have made no pastoral calls - Attended Leaders meeting in the Eve.

Spent the forenoon in my room completing my preparations for the pulpit & copying a skeleton for a Brother who was deeply impressed with the Sermon delivered in the Foundry tent at Fairfax C___ House Va in 1850. It was accompanied by remarkable Divine power & many were satisfied as the results. Thorough pastoral visiting & a delightful Christian visit at Br. Gardners.

SUNDAY, July 25
A delightful day, in the morning I preached to my dear people in "God is my record how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ" I had much enlargement and felt as if I could lay down my life for the people. O how my soul does plead for their salvation.

P.M. Had a profitable interview & season of prayer with a few Brethren at Br. Mitchells - Then was strong earnest prayer for full salvation & the Holy Ghost descended and baptized us all.

Eve. Preached with some comfort on "It is possible to be saved from all sin" - God did evidently send the word home -

MONDAY, July 26
Monday morning Am about to leave my very agreeable temporary home at Br. Ms We have spent a most agreeable week & I trust the spiritual conditions of the family is a little better than when I came here.

TUESDAY, July 27
Am now rooming at Br. D. A. Gardners - A fine room Every desirable comfort - Every member of the family agreeable to me. May God bless them.

Letter from my dear wife. None but God knows what a sufferer she is. She is praying for me & I shall be blest.

Made contract today for publication of Bac. Ad - 1000 for $50.

Warmly remonstrated with our builder against putting knots into the fine parlor of the parsonage. Visited several families - Very profitable called on Sister Van A - I found to my surprise that sh is the widow of D. D. Van Allen whom I used to know as a student &C - Poor fellow died of Cholera.

Wednesday Am Boarding with good Br. Rickets. How kind the people are to me - Buried a child of J. Smith on the Island - Was three hours engaged - A most delightful prayer meeting in the evening about 110 present.

Am not well this day unpleasant symptoms compel me to stay in - A sweet thing to rest - I am all day with my friend Br. G. & his excellent niece - Their kindness to me exceeds all my desires & wants I thank God for such friends -

Recd. the proof of first form of my Baccalaureate address. I have no reason to be proud of this performance but I hope it will do some good. Many calls from esteemed friends.

FRIDAY, July 30
Closely shut up today under the operation of medicine. Disease of the bowels are quite common in the District at this time and sometimes fatal. I must be very cautious - Perhaps I maybe able to preach on Sunday.

Many kind friends called to see me. I thank them all & thank the Lord for them.

Ventured to go to Leaders Meeting - Took in 14 Probations of last year into full connection.

I feel better this morning - Thank God for his preserving mercy. I am very comfortably situated at the Br Gardners where I have a permanent home with leave to go & come as I please. Am thinking of my dear family - One week from next Monday I expect to see them. O when will the time come.

To gratify my friends sent for a Physician - Dr. Mc.G - Thinks I may preach tomorrow once - Hard work to stay in when so much to be done -

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