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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
August 1852

SUNDAY, August 1
Sacrament day - So unwell that my friends fear to have me preach. Make exertions to get a Preacher at least for Evening but fail. Took the pulpit at 11 - trusting in God - He gave me strength &grace to urge with some success the duty of communion. P.M. Ventured to call on Sister Riley whose son had sent for me the evening before - She was dead Gone safely - Was sent for to see poor Mrs. T. Could not resist - found her failing but improving in the state of her mind

Eve - Preached on the perfect care & the reasons why not realized - A most gracious time - to the astonishment of all who knew my state of health forgot that I was sick - Oh the power of the gospel It absorbs & overwhelms me -

MONDAY, August 2
Monday morning - Do not perceive that I am injured by my labor yesterday. Am just where I was - The Lord gave me strength for the occasion - I am not sorry I used it. O may he bless the word.

Baptised Mrs. T. & gave her the sacrament - received into the ch. An affecting sermon. She is the mother of the celebrated actress Mrs. Jones - I have made her acquaintance - She seems to be much affected - grieved with tears that she could not join in the sacrament. Her sister partook for the first time in her life - A most affecting time. Baptized a child of Br. Edgar Bates - very ill - returned at night found several of my devoted friends waiting for me. What a delightful home.

TUESDAY, August 3
Tues - Go to the funeral of Old Sister Riley - a solemn time - She has gone down to her grave like a chuck of corn fuly ripe in its service.

A very laborious day - Found a family which has never seen a Methodist Preacher in their house! Been members of the M E.C. for years - Never seen a Methodist preacher in their house! Can it be possible? Greatly afflicted - some & almost ruined. I must frankly say that I never supposed it possible that my brother in the ministry could find excuses for such neglect. It is a grievous sin so I honestly believe. God save me from it.

THURSDAY, August 5
Thu commenced my pastoral labour earlier than usual. Made eight calls before dinner. Some six or seven after - Found some sick & dying - some cold & negligent Some thankful & faithful. All glad to see me. The Lord was with me all day - Evening met some dear friends at Br. R. Visit not quite so religious as usual.

FRIDAY, August 6
Attended Preachers meeting today - Took the liberty to say that all the Preachers meetings I had attended were busied too much with abstractions. We have a great work on hand - that work highly practical - We ought to meet to inquire how the work progresses - how we can help each other in it - Make our meetings spiritual & profitable. All fully concurred - I suggested a series of questions for [i___]

What is the state of the work in our charges?
What are the indications for the future?
What facts of interest have come to our notice during the w?
What is the best method of saving souls &c

SATURDAY, August 7
Sat - much pastoral visiting - Very tired at not but happy.

SUNDAY, August 8
This has been a delightful day - God had been with me all day - Preached to a large congregation on "Love" - a precious theme - passed easily thro without much excitement - Was charmed by the theme - Audience seemed much interested.

Took diner & tea at my good friends Br. Bates.

Eve - a gracious time preaching on the fall & restoration of a brother.

MONDAY, August 9
Took the cars for home after an absence of 4 weeks & 3 days. Felt it to be a luxury to rest from care a little as I settled back into my seat in the car. I have done considerable hard work in 5 Sundays & the intervening week days. - Have felt a sincere gratification in the evident improvement going on in my congregation Spiritually increasing Prospects brightening - Home at 4 PM

TUESDAY, August 10
Oh how sweet my rest at home with my dear family. They were so glad to see me - My wife is better - looks improved every way - She needed rest from care - from confusion - from company much more than medicine. College out - Students gone buildings & campus all quiet - O how sweetly she did rest - Her soul is also improving in grace. She is a devoted Christian.

WEDNESDAY, August 11
Thus far I have done little but rest - My whole system was nearly exhausted But if I had not gone home & stoped working for a little I should not have known it until I had been compelled to stop. Every animal requires rest from labour. No man however hearty can in any way dispense with it But thorough clergy men get little - They work all Sundays & must work weekdays - reason why they die so soon.

THURSDAY, August 12
Now I am fully engaged in sorting papers & packing books. Hard but pleasant work. I am attached to my books. They seem like personal friends. I have been with them so long have become so familiar with their appearance - have studied & read them until I can hardly live without them. I am often asked to sell some of them but never do. Some are evidently worthless but I cannot consent to part with them.

FRIDAY, August 13
Still severely engaged in packing - tried but can not rest - Must try to get through by Tuesday evening. My family bears up quite firmly under the fatigue and the excitement of sparing favor its articles of furniture. I decided my wife is a real heroine in Matters of duty.

SATURDAY, August 14
It is no small matter to dispose of the furniture of a large house - Loss appears on every hand - Sacrifice is unpleasant especially on articles new & valuable. But we had counted the cost. We determined to part with everything that we couldn't conveniently carry with us - We are to be pilgrims & strangers hence forth - God alone our - in [h___].

SUNDAY, August15
My mind is peaceful. This is my last Sabbath in Carlisle for the present.

Preached in the Methodist Church to many old & valued friends - Attentive very earnest & many seemed much affected My theme was "Love" - O how I regret that so great a number here should be so superficial in religion.

Preached in the Eve in Presbyterian Church for my dear friend Br. Wing on Psalms

MONDAY, August 16
Still busy packing up & getting ready to leave Occasionally a friend calls who regrets our leaving - Most affectionately are us addressed by both students & by people of the Town - Some of the latter whom we have hardly known call & tender their kind words & offices. Thanks to God for his goodness to us.

TUESDAY, August 17
This afternoon at 4 took leave again of my dear family - They must still remain to superintend tho sale of some /$300 worth of house hold goods But I must go to be with my people at Camp Meeting - All matters of personal or worldly intent must bow to the requirements of God's work.

WEDNESDAY, August 18
At 11 today arrived in Washington - Went directly to the home of my dear friend Br. D. A. Gardner where I soon felt the warm press of friendly hands - The day was a busy one - Not well - Much to do to get ready to start for camp - meeting - some 75 of our dear people from Foundry start tonight - & early in the morning.

THURSDAY, August 19
As I retired last night I felt the need of special providencial aid & direction - I went to the Lord - Asked a quiet nights sleep - recovery from disease - support during the hard ride before me - God granted all I asked.

Rode 24 ms this day over a hard road in a spring lumber waggon - on a board with a pillow & comfort under me no support to my back - but suffered no harm - arrived all safely.

FRIDAY, August 20
Enjoyed the company of my dear Br. Bates & family on the way Very pleasant & profitable - rested Thursday night at Br. Griffiths in the neighborhood - Returned to the camp ground & found our dear friends still hard at work fixing their tents - A great deal of hard work is required but they are getting through with it pleasantly. Took a few brethren & began the first prayer meeting in Foundry tent The Lord was graciously present - Preached the first sermon on "And every one said to his Brother be of good courage" Isaiah 41.6. I felt Divine aid I trying to guard against the dangers to which Christians are exposed at a camp meetings & exhibit the grounds of encouragement in God is - what he has promised & what he has done -

SATURDAY, August 21
Saturday the work began in good earnest in Foundry & Union tents.

SUNDAY, August 22
Preached in the Foundry tent. It rained continually from Friday night - Kept multitudes away. But God was in the rain. His power moved the hearts of preachers, members & sinners - My theme was entire Sanctification - "It is the will of God. Even your Sanctification" My heart was enlarged & melted - I tried to show - the nature of the blessing - the obstacles in our wills - and the inducement in the Will of God. O how the dear people did melt before the word and cry out for full redemption. The interest in this work is rising in Washington & elsewhere - May God spread the holy fire - This is the great want of the Church.

MONDAY, August 23
Monday some of our dear friends are getting religion. Two splendid men who went out with us from the city.

Several children, of Methodist parents are giving their hearts to God. Bless the Lord O My Soul.

TUESDAY, August 24
Tuesday - I preached this day again with all my soul on "the sympathy of Jesus" - We felt that sympathy melting the hearts of all present. Mourners bowed at the altar. The cries & entreaties of penitants mingled with the shouts of the redeemed - Glory be to God for the demonstrators of his power to save.

WEDNESDAY, August 25
The work goes on mightily. Rains nearly all the time but the people serve proof against it - Very little complaining - Servants work cheerfully in the rain - Delicate females - pass from tent to tent dripping umbrellas. Bow down & worship in the damp straw some weeping for sin some growing too full redemption & some shouting for victory. Triumphant grace fills many hearts which were heard when they came here -

Preached from the stand to a large Audien. on the general judgment. Was hoarse when I commenced Hardly knew whether I could be heard three yards from the stand. Was willing to fail it was for the glory of God - But he preferred success & thus strengthened my voice so as to reach all with ease - Gave to the people a disposition to hear & many hearts to fell. I trust it was not in vain - The Brethren seemed to think much more of the sermon than I did - The Lord blessed every preacher - dear Br. Darhill preached three times with great power - The meetings in his hut were very successful - The last night I have out after a glorious meeting in our tent in which nearly all the mourners were powerfully blessed our meeting was closed but it went on gloriously all night in Main tent & I believe some 25 professed conversion, Thursday morning we closed - A most affecting meeting.

Moved off for home - Thankful to God for all he had done. Was 12 hours on the road - reached home in the night - God fine rest but felt very tired - Kept in nearly all day - To my great surprise My dear wife came - She was expected tomorrow O how thankful that she is safely here.

SATURDAY, August 28
Saturday - The rain is fearful today - There seems to be danger of a flood - The quantity of rain that has fallen here since Aug. commenced is unprecedented - Got a chance to make a few pastoral calls.

SUNDAY, August 29
The Lord was with me this day in attempting to preach In the morning the Audience very large attentive & serious - I commenced a sermon on Awake thou that sleepeth - Spent near an hour in trying to represent the sinful state by sleep & death.

At night I brot. fowd the call & the incouragement - House crowded 5 or 6 preachers present Had two mourners at the altar conviction spreading mightily.

MONDAY, August 30
Am resting - preparing for the evening - Must preach again tonight - We think there are indications of victory at the Foundry. We will try to do our duty & leave the event with God - Must have a series of meeting - O that they may be the means of saving sinners by scores & hundreds.

Preached against grieving the Holy Spirit Had some enlargement of soul - Same two at the altar and God with us.

TUESDAY, August 31
Tried to do a little pastoral visiting - Went to meeting tried & oppressed - Felt that there were sad defects in the Church - Undertook to rouse them by the use of Jeremiahs Lamentations "O that my head were waters" &c Asserting simply that "Christians should feel for sinners" - God was in the word - A few back slider ones were affected - Six mourners were at the altar Some 4 powerfully blessed. Praise the Lord O my Soul.

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