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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck - 1852 Diary

Daily Memoranda
September 1852

WEDNESDAY, September 1
Bless the Lord the day brightens. My theme was the gospel invitation "Come for all things are now ready" - My heart was enlarged. O how I did long to see the dear people bow before God - Five weeping mourners came to the altar One young Lady who had been deeply convicted & who was an object of great solicitude came of her own accord at last - One was blest.

THURSDAY, September 2
The interest of the meeting is rising - I preached from the noble response of the Psalmist When thou saidst Seek ye my face my heart said thy face, Lord, will I seek - There was evidence of a present God in the word. Seven mourners at the altar 3 converted & one in the congregation. Brethren seem worn down but are willing to labour. O God let the fire spread.

FRIDAY, September 3
Yesterday we got into our new parsonage. Our Dear brethren are doing everything to make it pleasant for us. We must labour for this good. Tired today but trust in God for strength to perform the duties of the evening.

Appearance of rain made the congregation small by the meeting was powerful - One every interesting conversion perhaps more.

SATURDAY, September 4
Must rest today - Rest is sweet to the weary - But it would suit me better to never tire never need rest - Regret that I cannot work all the time for my Master but as rest is a part of his plan I must accept it with resignation.

A day of pure enjoyment. The Savior precious to me. I should like to promote his glory - O that I may graciously aided. 2.M. Confer. this Eve -

SUNDAY, September 5
Favored this morning with the services of Rev. N. Wilson P.E. His sermon was excellent - At its close we called for Probationers & 17 precious souls came forward to the altar & gave in their names - Nearly all converted within the last two weeks. Praise the Lord O my Soul.

Went to the camp ground 4 mi distant with the P.E. & at his request preached to many thousands & "God is Love" a time of God's power - returned Married a couple - preached to my dear people from the name Jesus A free time - Conviction spreading - 9 mourners -7 of them new 4 mature men. Much in earnest. One dear Mr. R. for whom I have been praying for near a month. The work spreads blessed be the name of God.

MONDAY, September 6
Monday - Visiting sick & mourners at their homes - O how precious is this work.

Our Love - feast at 7 1/2 ocl. Very large attendance - Excellent - a time of power - some 10 or 12 mourners 6 triumphant work rising.

TUESDAY, September 7
"This day my soul doth magnify the Lord & my spirit doth rejoice in God my Saviour"

I had set apart an evening hour for conversation with serious person - I expected one with a heavy heart - One for whom I had been praying for near a month. He had been twice at the altar & got no relief - He came & O what a change. Light had appeared. He was happy - Another whom mourns had been heard at the altar for some five nights - came out triumphant. Both mature men - More men than women are at our altar. Bless the Lord - his work goes on.

WEDNESDAY, September 8
Preached Wed. Ev. On "Thou hast searched me & known me" - Inquired What facts have been exposed to view? Who has seen them? & What would wish him to see hereafter? A time of deep heat searching & conviction one interesting young man converted. Some others.

THURSDAY, September 9
This day I saw a man who felt himself to be dying with out religion. The scene was awful - God head prayer in his behalf - Much Divine aid in pastoral visiting - A hard days work - Went until I could hardly stand - Fell down onto a lounge at my good br. Ricketts & slept about 3/4 hour - Arose rested & started again - Eve married a couple.

Began meeting with Exhortation Large and 8 converted

FRIDAY, September 10
Opened with a passage of scripture "Ask & ye shall receive" My heart was enlarged - God opened before me the field - the province & the power of prayer in such a wonderful manner that we were all denuded before him. The meeting was excellent. Never better perhaps since we commenced. One young man for whose salvation all had been longing came forward - Several others One most interesting conversion.

SATURDAY, September 11
Nearly all this day spent in excessive labour - putting up my Library - shall soon feel at home with my books around me.

My friend R. called to see me today in relation to joining the church. He is a grocer and has been engaged in selling liquor wholesale with other matters. His conscious is right - I told him he could not think of continuing the business. He merely asks a little time while on probation to wind up the business - Religion regulates all these matters I advised him - if he could not loose it to send it back - This he would do but thinks they would not receive it.

SUNDAY, September 12
Sunday morning - a sweet & beautiful morning. God help me to preach this day.

I preached to backsliders - "the slain of the Daughter of my people" more than usual divine power attended the word - Eve to youth. A hard time for me but a powerful prayer meeting. 17 mourners.

MONDAY, September 13
The work is deepening & extending Did not intend to preach - After prayer opened the book to "Thy faith hath made the whole" I began to explain the meaning & power of faith & I was taken up & carried forward mightily - God moved through the congregation in silent Majesty & all hearts seemed to bow before him - The devil rallied & threw a chill over us - but we were well sustained congrega. very large.

TUESDAY, September 14
This afternoon felt the exhaustion of body which demands rest - abandoned my purpose of a pastoral tour & slept near two hours - It was good for soul & body. I opened the meeting without intending to preach by a discourse about 3/4 of an hour on "What doth the Lord thy God regain of thee" Showing that the controversy of the people was with God & not with us - a time of power large number at the altar - some convt.

WEDNESDAY, September15
This day my zeal in visiting carried me beyond my strength. Came up to the Eve. work too much fatigued buy God helped me. My theme was "They that sow in tears shall weep in joy." Affecting fact & occasions of joy called up - Where I sat down the whole congregation seemed moved & yet but few came to the altar - this threw temporary discouragement over the Brethren - One dear young man powerfully converted.

THURSDAY, September 16
A memorable day - after several calls for religious purpose & a most delightful entertainment with out dear friend Br. R. his family & friends we went to the Church. Toward Eve. God's spirit whispered un my ear "Speak to the children of Israel that they go forward" I answered I will & as I tried to do it they all seemed to answer We will go forward God moved the whole congregation mourners 5 or 6 converted - a very powerful meeting.

FRIDAY, September 17
The meeting this evening was less successful apparently than the night before - I was too tired from my pastoral labours & a funeral an awful scene at the funeral a mistress supposed to have been poisoned by her paramour.

One was converted bless the Lord one who has been the whole week struggling for salvation.

SATURDAY, September 18
A day of rest. But O how often did I feel myself moved by an almost irresistible influence to reach out into the city in search of souls. It was a cross to rest. But I felt the improvement in the tone of my whole system - Selected my texts early in the day for tomorrow - Resolved to coupon new sermons - was all forenoon engaged in fetching up correspondence Sun grew until toward night - Studied on the Religion of the intellect a little Went to BR. R's to tea. Pleasant - came back near 9. Commenced my skeleton - made little progress - Returned.

SUNDAY, September 19
This morning quite clear & fresh. Completed my skeleton - went into S.S. Hour of preaching came thru myself on God - He came to my help - The crowd was distressing - But all attentive - O how glorious is the Gospel - What splendid things it contains - Recd. 8 on Probation Shall soon see what God will do for us in the evening.

A hard night - Immense crowd - Deep Solemnity - [d___] the watchmans alarm - 5 ms 2 Comforted.

MONDAY, September 20
Our meeting this evening seemed almost a failure - but before we close God came to our help - a few were at the altar one young Lady forward for the first time found comfort - a young man who had been trying for weeks in vain to find the Savior was powerfully blest - fell to the floor as if struck by lightening & came out happy - the experience meeting with which the evening commenced was interesting & profitable - Many of the dear young converts spoke with much feeling.

TUESDAY, September 21
This (Tues.) has been a day of hard labour trying to look up the lost - the sick - the penitant. God was with me all day found my poor friend Mrs. T. Evidently dying - Safe - Rallied the Church on "begin at my Sanctuary" closed book - a large number forward - some convt.

WEDNESDAY, September 22
Visited much today from house to house - Took a long walk to find a young Lady who professed conversion at our altar two nights before - found her happy - determined to join the Foundry - Her Faith a Swedenborgian Much affected by the visit of a minister. Had been there 6 years & no minister had been in the house in the time - would now come & hear me preach.

Br. D. Ball preached for me, mourners called only 2 come. I was grieved & let on there with a vehement exhortation. They came out - some for whom we had been looking for a long time - the power of God came down upon us - One fully reclaimed - Numbers went away with broken hearts - a most powerful & profitable meeting. Conviction is spreading.

THURSDAY, September 23
This day I found new instances of conviction - God is rousing men by visions of the night. Disturbing their repose and others. I find suffering most fearfully under the anguish of [p___] - I spoke of vows - 6 at the altar . I blessed a very solemn meeting -

FRIDAY, September 24
This day a committed to their final resting place the remains of me dear friend Mrs. Topping. More than 2 ms ago I was called to visit her - She began a sincere effort to abstain mercy. Her change was gradual but satisfactory. She became greatly interested in my calls. Knew my foot step outside of the house. The views of the whole family of whom Mrs. Jones the actress is a principal member have changed in regard to Methodism - they did not understand it Mrs. J & her brother have become regular attendants at Methodist meetings when in town. Are seriously awakened. The dear mother died after great & protracted suffering a spirit saved & I trust thro my humble instrumentality - Meeting Friday Eve - excellent Spoke on the Sting of death - Several young men at the altar for the first time -

SATURDAY, September 25
Sat a day of laborious pastoral visiting.

SUNDAY, September 26
This morning is pleasant - My soul calm - trying to complete preparations for the Sabbath command a discussion of responsibility Audience very large still & much affected - Recd. 4 on probation.

Eve. Concluded Sermon Judgment An awful theme - Deep impression Mens side of the altar stronger but 3. Ladies - The power of God was overwhelming - two converted - much praying weeping & triumphing together - a young man of fine personal appearance but evidently broken by vice came in at the door & rushed through the Aisle directly to the Altar Fell down & began to cry for mercy - Such little self - reproaches - Such awful agony I never witnessed - I was exhausted & obliged to leave the Church.

MONDAY, September 27
This Monday morning he came to my study with Br. R. His story is thrilling. A child of Methodist Pts. A backslider - a gambler from a brothel - now in my study & trying to reform.

This has been a night of God's power- the most glorious meeting since we commenced. Dear Mr. G Hotel keeper on the avenue came out in triumph. Several very superior Ladies & one young man the Altar crowded on the men's side - my poor friend is so week abstaining from liquor that he has no energy to pray can hardly survive it. Those I believe he will.

TUESDAY, September 28
Another most powerful meeting - Mrs. C. the wife of the hotel keeper - for many years an Episcopalian - long unwilling that her husband should be a Methodist came to the altar & was powerfully converted.

WEDNESDAY, September 29
Another evening of great spiritual power - I had been all the day making pastoral visits - Had a delightful interview at Br C's. Went home. threw myself onto the lounge slept 15 ms Rose & preached on 1. Peter 1.8. with great success.

THURSDAY, September 30
The Lord was with us again this evening - Much feeling and several at the altar - the Lord hears prayer for poor sinners - He seems to be extending graciously the conviction upon which the first efforts of Salvation must be based. The congregation is minusing & the interest of extending in all directions Praise to Lord O my soul!

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