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Diaries of Bishop Jesse Truesdell Peck

Jesse Truesdell Peck Jesse Truesdell Peck's diaries are pocket sized, about 5"-7"x 3¼" and most consist of pages with an entry for each day of the year. The diaries range in name from "Excelsior Diary" to "Pocket Diary". Most consist of daily calendars in the front and tables of almanac information ranging from statistics of the M.E. Church to populations of states and territories. Some select diaries contain pockets where Peck placed receipts and newspaper clippings. At the back of each diary, a place for notes most often called "General Memoranda" contains miscellaneous notes, as well as lists of which psalms Peck used during services and lists of names of couples that Peck married that year. Also, at the back of each diary is a place to track finances. Peck used this space to write miscellaneous equations, and keep track of his cash or donations made by patrons of the M.E. Church. The diaries themselves are in excellent condition for being over 150 years old and are housed at the Syracuse University Archives main stack area on campus. The diaries are available for research.


Transcribed diaries are available as links from the listing below:

Please note:

The reader will find 'missing' days. On occasion Bishop Peck wrote continuously covering several pre-printed days in a diary. It was not always possible to determine on which day he was actually writing.

Peck did not always end a sentence with a punctuation mark. The diaries were transcribed with no additional punctuation added.

Peck often underlined words for emphasis. Those underlinings are a direct transcription.

Underlined spaces in brackets, e.g. [______], indicate a word or words unable to be deciphered. Words in brackets, e.g. [worthy], indicate transcriptions that are either a 'best guess' by the transcribers or are inserted to provide an explanation to the reader.

Anything highlighted in brackets is also a link to the original diary. If any reader is able to decipher any of the missing words, please contact the Archives at


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