“From the Waltz to the Jitterbug”: Dances at Syracuse University, 1900-1960 - Frosh Mixers Slideshow

Dances for first year students tended to be called "mixers" simply because their purpose was to encourage the newly-arrived class to get to know each other. Frosh Mixers were often sponsored by the Traditions Commission, a group of upper-class students who planned campus events. Part of the commission was the Goon Squad, who helped freshmen adjust to college life.

1945 Frosh Mixer with a Hawaiian theme. [ARM Image 10-1262] Dance program for the 1951 freshman weekend dance called 'Fifth Avenue Fantasy'. Dance program for the 1954 freshman weekend dance, with a 'Universally Yours' outer space theme. Couples dancing at a Get Acquainted Dance in the Women's Building in 1955. [ARM Image 11-0871] 1958 Frosh Mixer, which included a fortune telling booth run by the Goon Squad. [ARM Image 11-0932] A crowded dance floor at the Frosh Mixer, ca. 1950s. Note many of the first year students are wearing their lids, or beanies. [ARM Image 10-1299] First year students dancing to a band at a Frosh Mixer, ca. 1950s. [ARM Image 10-1298] Couples dancing at the 1960 semi-formal freshman dance with the theme 'Roman Nocturne.' The event included a dance contest. [ARM Image 11-0936] Dance program for the 1961 freshmen weekend dance, 'Caribbean Cruise.'