“From the Waltz to the Jitterbug”: Dances at Syracuse University, 1900-1960 - Soph Hops Slideshow

Soph Hops, or dances sponsored by the sophomore class, were traditionally but not always on the night of the SU-Colgate football game.

Ticket for the 1938 Colgate Dance, put on by the sophomore class after the SU-Colgate football game. Archbold Gymnasium was filled with decorations, including orange and blue draping, dramatic floodlighting, and orange block 'S' and maroon block 'C' neon signs at each end of the floor. Newspaper advertisement for the 1938 Sophomore Colgate Dance. Admission was $1.50 per couple, which would be about $23 today. Couples dancing at the 1945 Soph Hop. [ARM Image 11-0889] 1950 Soph Hop dance program. The semi-formal dance, with a 'Ship Ahoy' theme, took place at the Jefferson Street Armory, with music by Blue Baron and his orchestra. Ticket for the 1950 Soph Hop. Admission was $3.60 a couple, which would be about $32 today. Advertisement for the Pigskin Ball, which took place in Archbold Gymnasium in 1951. Decorations had football and fall colors themes. 1951 Pigskin Ball dance program, with a paper cover and felt football. Couples dancing at the 1951 Pigskin Ball. [ARM Image 11-0869] Dance program for the 1953 Soph Hop, named the Krazy Kollege Kickoff. The 'corsageless' semi-formal took place after the SU-Colgate game and was held in Archbold Gymnasium, where the dance floor was decorated to resemble a football field. Women students needed special permission to push back their curfew. Colgate students attending the football game were allowed to attend the Soph Hop as well. Dance program for the 1954 Soph Hop, in the Women's Building. With a 'Voodoo at S.U.' theme, the event was sponsored by the Class of 1957--'the class that's nearest Heaven.' Couples dancing at the1962 Soph Hop at the Women's Building on Colgate Weekend. [ARM Image 11-0941]