“The 100th Anniversary of the Daily Orange”

Daily Orange

In August 2003 the University Archives mounted an exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of our student newspaper - The Daily Orange. The exhibition ran in the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center until December 2003.

Of all the colleges and universities in the country in 1903 there were only 18 represented by daily college papers. On September 15, 1903 Syracuse University became the 19th with the initial issue of The Syracuse Daily Orange.

As the official announcement noted, there had been other journalistic forays at the University prior to The Daily Orange. The monthly University Herald, started in the 1870’s, was still being published and there was a weekly and tri-weekly publication as well. However the growth of the University demanded a more timely publication.

“Now, with its splendid student body of over 2000, its large faculty and great resource, the time has come when Syracuse University takes its rank with the leading colleges of the country in publishing a daily newspaper.”

As the editors promised “The Orange aims to furnish all the college news while it is news, to serve as a bulletin both for Professors, and for student activities, to give the alumni news and news of other colleges, and in all things to unify the interest of all the Syracuse colleges into one great and ever growing University.”

This was a bold statement for an enterprise that was born in a barn on Raynor Avenue adjacent to the Orange Club House. In 1907 the Daily Orange moved to better accommodations at the Orange Publishing Company on Irving Avenue, the first of many relocations. Beginning in 1934 the paper took up residence at Yates Castle and in 1948 in the pre-fab behind Yates affectionately (?) nicknamed “The Hell Box”. Here the newshounds, including the “Kastle Kids” of the School of Journalism, continued to report the news until the castle came down in 1953 and The Daily Orange moved once again.

In the fall of 1971 the Student Finance Board cut the budget of The Daily Orange and two other campus weeklies. The last edition of the old D.O. was published on October 22, 1971. The next edition on October 26, 1971was of an independent college newspaper. The headline proclaimed “Triad Gives Birth to New Daily Newspaper” and the editorial for the day explained “Volume one, number one means simply that this is a new morning”. The Daily Orange has remained that independent voice from that date.