Handle with Care: Glass Plate Negative and Lantern Slide Collections at the SU Archives

Lantern Slide Collections at the SU Archives

Central New York Images

The Archives has three major collections of lantern slides. The first is a collection of about a hundred images of Central New York, including the 1912 cyclone at Long Branch Park, Green Lakes, school children, as well as some images of SU athletic events. These were taken by Clarence Brown of Cortland from 1912 to 1914.

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0961]
John G. Simmons, Class of 1921, running across the finish line in Archbold Stadium, 1920. [Image: 09-0961]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0811]
Damage after a cyclone at Long Branch in Syracuse, September 21, 1912. [Image: 09-0811]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0847
Crowds watching people diving into the Erie Canal in downtown Syracuse, ca. 1910s. [Image: 09-0847]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0901]
Spectators at an SU football game in Archbold Stadium, with Crouse College and Holden Observatory in the background, ca. late 1920s. This is a hand-colored lantern slide. [Image: 09-0901]

Geological Images

A larger collection consists of about 1900 glass lantern slides of geological sites around the world. In addition to slides of New York are shots of the Grand Canyon and other sites in the United States; caves, glaciers and mountains; and Europe, Greenland, India and other countries. These lantern slides may have been used as an instructional tool in classrooms.

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-1155]
"El Capitan in Profile, Yosemite Valley," a hand-colored lantern slide possibly used for educational purposes, undated. [Image: 09-1155]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-1156]
Diagram, "Structure of an Ideal Cyclone," on a teaching lantern slide, undated. [Image: 09-1156]

Yates Castle

Thirty-four of the Archives' lantern slides record interior architectural features of Yates Castle, one of the University's lost buildings. Built in the 1850s and bought by Syracuse University in 1905, Yates Castle housed the Slocum Teachers College and then the School of Journalism. The building was demolished in 1954 to accommodate the expansion of SUNY Upstate Medical School. Dating approximately between the 1940s and early 1950s, the lantern slide images show the beautifully-detailed woodwork around windows, doorways, and stairways as well as elaborate ceiling moldings and murals.

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0295]
Center hall on the second floor inside Yates Castle. [Image: 09-0295]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0272]
Woodwork on the main stairway inside Yates Castle. [Image: 09-0272]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0291]
Bay window facing south on the first floor inside Yates Castle. [Image: 09-0291]

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