Handle with Care: Glass Plate Negative and Lantern Slide Collections at the SU Archives

Glass Plate Negative Collections at the SU Archives

Students' Army Training Corp

Seventy-four of the Archives' glass plate negatives provide a window into the University during World War I. In the summer and fall of 1918, the Students' Army Training Corps (SATC), part of a federal government military training program, dominated much of life on campus. Winchell Hall, Archbold Gymnasium and fraternity and sorority houses were converted to barracks. The University built a large mess hall between Sims and Bowne Halls. Members of the SATC took basic training and classes in auto mechanics, telegraphy, and carpentry as well as surveying, foreign languages, and government. Due to the Armistice, the Corps was demobilized in December of 1918, but it is estimated over a thousand men received training at Syracuse University during those brief months. The glass plate negatives show Corps members involved in various activities, such as constructing buildings and working in carpentry and telegraphy classes.

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0194]
A group of the Students' Army Training Corps in front of Smith Hall [Image: 09-0194]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0211
Members of the Students' Army Training Corps constructing a building, most likely a mess hall, on the SU campus. [Image: 09-0211]

Student Army Training Corps [Image: 09-0254]
Members of the Students' Army Training Corps in an ironworking class at Syracuse University. [Image: 09-0254]

Syracuse University Andean Expedition

Nine glass plate negatives document the launch of the Syracuse University Andean Expedition. This 1930 expedition was comprised of a team of University researchers who traveled to the northern Andes Mountains in Venezuela for four months. The group, which included a geographer, photographer, surgeon, geologist, botanist, high school student and college student, studied the area's climate, animals, plants, and people.

SU Andean Expedition Truck [Image: 09-0185]
Truck for the Syracuse University Andean Expedition, probably being loaded onto the ship, SS Carabobo. The truck carried supplies and equipment as well as animals, artifacts and specimens. According to newspaper clippings, it was bright orange for visibility reasons. [Image: 09-0185]

SU Andean Expedition Members [Image: 09-0189]
Members of the Syracuse University expedition to the Andes Mountains sailing from New York on the S.S. Carabobo. Front, left to right: Professor Sidman Poole, geographer; Dr. Robert L. Crockett, oculist; John Enfiejian, high school student and taxidermist; H. Wesley Curran, college student; Phillip Barnes, photographer and artist. Back, left to right: Dr. Parke H. Struthers, expedition leader; Dr. William B. Reid, surgeon; Mrs. Ida K. Reid; Mrs. John Scott; Dr. Earl T. Apfel, geologist; Dr. Ernest Reed, botanist. [Image: 09-0189]