“Archives Grab Bag”

Button Bag

In May 2006, the University Archives mounted the exhibition, Archives Grab Bag, as an exploration into knickknacks and bric-a-brac, chatchkas and curios, held in the collections of the Syracuse University Archives. The exhibition ran in the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center until September.

The Archives has a growing collection of memorabilia, most of it related to Syracuse University. Commencement gowns, mascot and athletic uniforms, dishes, paperweights, pencils, neck ties, buttons, pennants, beanies, cups, key chains and fraternity paddles often find their way into the collections.

Sometimes however, memorabilia is accessioned along with office files or the personal papers of alumni or faculty. These individual items may or may not be directly related to the rest of the collection. Although the Archives' mission is to collect materials related to Syracuse University, its programs, students, faculty, staff and alumni, as this exhibit shows, the collection occasionally travels beyond the boundaries.

The Archives is pleased to share some of these special items in its first ever 'Grab Bag' exhibit. WWII materials from the Bigelow and Meyer Papers, Lorimer Rich's collection on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, postcards from the P. O. Place Papers, the American presidency, and artifacts from our beloved Hall of Languages, make up just a part of what may be found in the Syracuse University Archives - expected or not.


~ Exhibition curated by Edward L. Galvin