“SU in the Headlines”

In May 2007 the University Archives mounted an exhibition of the times SU has appeared in the news. The exhibition ran in the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center until September 2007.

Extra! Extra! Read All About It! In February 1870 the papers of Syracuse, New York reported the story of the Methodist Church of New York holding their state convention in the city. Interest was high, for it had been "noised about" that these proceedings "would center about a college at Syracuse." A month later the papers were able to report the charter of the Syracuse University, beginning a long association of news between town and gown.

Throughout the decades Syracuse University, on a multitude of layers, has continued to be news worthy and the press has taken notice … locally, campus wide, nationwide and worldwide. These historic moments for the University have been reported in the headlines of the day. Our exhibition highlights six of those Syracuse University moments that captured attention and encouraged people to "Read All About It!"