“The Art of the Onondagan II”

The Art of the Onondagan II In the late 19th to early 20th centuries a notable style change developed in the Onondagan, Syracuse University's yearbook. In the beginning of the yearbooks' publishing history, caricature illustration had been common. Reflective of the Progressive Era of these later times, a more professional look emerged with a combination of illustrative elements being utilized.

Photography came more to the forefront, but was usually limited to photographs of faculty, graduating classes and athletic teams, with a few organizations included. Standard iconic lithograph images were used for fraternities and sororities. The individuality of each yearbook came from the black and white illustrations provided by a myriad of artists, images of the campus, of student life, and from the fiction, poetry and other student articles included in each Onondagan.

Not all of the contributing artists featured were Onondagan editors or Fine Arts students. Three of our illustrators graduated with degrees in Architecture. Three went on to become SU faculty members. And not all artists' works were limited to one issue of the Onondagan, but spanned several years of publications.

We invite you to enjoy the images of a new era at Syracuse University during a decade of change. This exhibition was in the Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center until August 2009.

This exhibition was curated by Mary M. O'Brien with the assistance of Hilary Galvin and Margaret A. Mason.