“SUNY ESF and SU: 100 Years of Collaboration” - 1960-Present

A.H. Huntington sculpture outside Walters Hall In 1972, the College of Forestry became the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF). Also during the 1970s, SUNY ESF and Syracuse University entered into a cooperative and dual enrollment program in which a student could enroll in the SU College of Arts and Sciences in the pre-forestry program and be guaranteed transfer to ESF at the junior level upon successful completion of the freshman and sophomore years. This enrollment program continues to this day.

SU and SUNY ESF students continue to participate in each others' campus activities and march together as graduates at commencement. The construction of new buildings on one campus has affected the horizon of the other. 100 years of collaboration between SUNY ESF and Syracuse University has only served to benefit both institutions and promises mutually beneficial years to come.

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An ESF student and an SU Home Economics student at the Cooks and Cutters Ball, from the 1960 Syracuse University yearbook, the Onondagan. This was a social event sponsored by SU's Home Economics and ESF, where the ESF boys had names of trees which they would match to the SU girls' corresponding Latin botanical names.  Page from the 1960 Empire Forester. Celebrating the close relationship between the College of Forestry and SU, it points out that ESF students participate in a myriad of educational, athletic, Greek and other activities at SU. Members of Kappa Phi Delta, the social professional forestry fraternity, from the 1963 College of Forestry yearbook, the Empire Forester Aerial view of the SU and College of Forestry campuses in 1963 [ARM Image 10-1933] In the 1950s and 1960s, senior portraits of students from the College of Forestry were included in SU's yearbook. These are some of the portraits from the 1963 Onondagan. Aerial view of SU and College of Forestry campuses, showing Moon Library and Illick hall under construction, ca. late 1960s [ARM Image 10-1934] Chancellor William P. Tolley speaking at the Illick Hall dedication at ESF, October 11, 1968. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-1947] ESF student wearing an SU beanie, from the 1969 Empire Forester Barricade during the SU student strike in May 1970. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-0504] Sign posted by College of Forestry students during SU's 1970 student strike ESF students meeting in front of Moon Library during the SU student strike in May 1970. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-0509] Aerial view of the SU and ESF campuses, 1971 [ARM Image 10-1935] PhD Forestry graduates lined up at the 1971 SU commencement in Archbold Stadium. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-1951] ESF landscape architecture students designing and building a playground at SU's Early Childhood Education Center as a final project for a course, May 1973 [ARM Image 10-1943] ESF's Moon Library on the right with Carrier Dome construction in background, September 1979. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-1948] Young Abe Lincoln on Horseback, outside Walters Hall on the ESF campus in 1979. The sculpture, by Anna Hyatt Huntington, was donated to Syracuse University in 1974 by her estate after her death in 1973. It was placed on the ESF campus because of the Huntington family's strong support of state wildlife authorities. The work is now located to the west of Bray Hall. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-1949] ESF banner that appears at every Syracuse University commencement Page devoted to SUNY ESF in SU's 1985 Onondagan SU Chancellor Melvin A. Eggers and ESF President Ross S. Whaley on stage at 1986 commencement in the Carrier Dome. John A. Meyer Slide Collection [ARM Image 10-1950] ESF campus, with SU campus in background, 1993 [ARM Image 10-1938] Aerial view of SU and ESF campuses, October 1997 [ARM Image 10-1932] SU mascot Otto the Orange high-fiving a student during the Relay for Life, which both SU and ESF students participated in to raise money for the American Cancer Society, April 2003 [SU Photo & Imaging DSC_0058] Image of female ESF student chopping wood at a Timbersport Demonstration from SU's 2004 Onondagan ESF President Cornelius B. Murphy, Jr., speaking at the 2010 joint SU/ESF Commencement [SU Photo & Imaging DPB_0092]