Fee Schedule


- Cash, check, credit card or money order accepted.
- Final cost will include an 8% sales tax.
- Full payment is required in advance for all orders.

Fee Schedule
(up to 11 x 17")
25ยข per copy
$5 minimum charge for mail requests
(up to 11 x 17")
300 dpi JPEG / TIFF

Sent by email

Burned to CD/DVD

$8 an image

no additional cost (Archives will not email more than 5 images)


(over 11 x 17")
Contact Archives for cost estimate, plus $10 delivery/pickup fee.*
FILM AND VIDEO TAPE DVD from 16mm film

DVD from videotape

DVD duplicate

Approximately $200 (depending on size and condition of film), plus $10 delivery/pickup fee*

Approximately $40 (depending on size and condition of video), plus $10 delivery/pickup fee*


AUDIO TAPE/CASSETTE CD from tape or cassette

CD duplicate

Contact Archives for cost estimate


Publication Fees
Fees for the commercial use of still or moving images may apply. Please contact the Archives for more information.

Permission to reproduce images from Archives collections within a publication (including print, digital, web, moving image and performance) MUST be obtained in advance and in writing from the Archives.

* * Permission Form (click)

Shipping and Handling Charges
WITHIN THE US $ 5 minimum

*Please note that reproduction services for oversize materials, film, and video tapes are not performed in the Archives but by off-site vendors.