Pan Am Flight 103/ Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives

The Pan Am Flight 103 Story Archives Collection


Short clips from most oral histories are available online; but some oral histories have no clip available at this time. The entire oral history interview is available in the Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives. The entire oral history cannot be copied or reproduced without permission of the interviewee and the Archives.

Most written narratives are digitized and available on this website, unless specified by the donor.

 Hugh and Margaret Connell - undated
Lived at Minska Farm outside Lockerbie
Narrative only available in the Archives

 John H.D. Gair - written October 12, 2013
Lockerbie Trustee
Written narrative
Pan Am 103 Publications Collection: Books: Lockerbie and the Surrounding Area Through the Ages by John H.D. Gair

David Hall Dr. David Hall - interviewed September 12, 2013 at Cornwall Mount in Dumfries, Scotland
Psychiatrist Jr. Dr. at Dumfries Royal Infirmary, 1988
Psychiatrist Director local mental health services, 2013
Oral history

Graham Herbert Graham Herbert - interviewed October 7, 2013 at Bird Library at Syracuse University
lived near Lockerbie, 1988
Rector of Lockerbie Academy, retired 2013
Oral history

 Deborah Scott - undated in Lockerbie, Scotland
Lockerbie resident, 1988-present
mother of Andrew McClune, Lockerbie Scholar 2003-2004 (deceased)
Oral history (audio only)
Andrew McClune Papers

Richard Smith Richard Smith - interviewed September 14, 2013 at Lockerbie Academy in Lockerbie, Scotland
Lockerbie resident, 1988-present
Oral history

David T.R. Wilson David T.R. Wilson - interviewed September 13, 2013 at Dryfesdale Lodge Visitors Center in Lockerbie, Scotland
Lockerbie town council member, 1988
Oral history