Victim: Flora Macdonald Margaret Swire

Flora Macdonald Margaret Swire Born December 22, 1964, Flora Swire was a medical student at Nottingham University and was doing research for a Ph.D. before completing her clinical studies. She had been invited to join a small group at the Institute of Neurology in London to continue her vital research into Alzheimer's disease. Flora was flying to the United States the day before her 24th birthday to spend Christmas with her boyfriend and friends.

Nottingham University and her parents established the Flora Swire Memorial Fund to support medical students working towards a Ph.D.

Others recall Flora's zest, vitality, and creativity. She was an accomplished pianist and guitarist. She sang in choirs and operas, sculpted, and had started a novel. She was remembered at the Westminster Synagogue in London as a "seeker after truth." Albert Friedlander wrote, "She let every person who she encountered recognize that here was someone with love and compassion to whom one could talk and that there was a special, warm and good person in our midst."

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